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Caution - Epson PS-100 User Manual

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・ To avoid the possibility of skin irritation or discomfort from wearing the PS-100, you must keep the skin under
the band clean and dry at all times. Do not allow water, sweat, dead skin, or dirt to build up under the band. It is
important to keep the band clean and dry at all times by wiping the band with a damp cloth, removing the
moisture with a towel, and letting it air dry.
Do not use the cradle, USB cable, or AC adapter if they are in any way damaged, faulty or contaminated by
foreign material such as dust, water or dirt. Do not use any adapter other than the specified adapter for
・ If charging becomes unstable, clean the contact points on the device and cradle with a damp cotton swab.
・ If device operations becomes unstable or if data transfer is not possible, perform a system reset by connecting
the product to the cradle.
・ Exercise according to your physical capabilities. Stop exercising and consult your doctor if you feel unwell
during exercise
・ The Pulsense band needs to be worn snugly around the wrist to collect more accurate heart rate data. This
may cause a slight impression on the wrist. Adjust the band for the comfort and performance you choose.
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