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Menu Button - Whirlpool ARC 4360 IX Instructions For Use Manual

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Table of Contents Page 33 Wednesday, August 29, 2007 5:37 PM
• At first, the temperature display shows -16°C.
• Press button "
• The first time the button is pressed, the freezer bars will start
blinking; if button "
temperature display will show -18°C.
• Each time this button is pressed, 4 bars will light up and the display
will show a colder setting (-16°C, -18°C, -20°C, -22°C, -24°C); the
temperature display and bars will blink 5 times and the acoustic
alarm will sound.
• When the temperature display reaches -24°C, if you press the "
button again, the temperature display will restart from -16°C.
• If any of the Holiday, Super Freeze, Super Cool or Economy modes
were activated before setting the temperature, the appliance will go
on working in the previous mode. When the previous mode is
cancelled/finished manually or automatically the temperature setting
will be activated.
Note: If the ambient temperature is >38°C the user will not be
able to adjust the freezer compartment temperature to -22°C
or -24°C. In this case, only the -16°C, -18°C and -20°C settings
will be available.


• Press the menu button once
• The Economy symbol will light
• Each time this button is pressed, the operating mode cycles through
the Super Freeze, Holiday and Super Cool modes, and the
corresponding symbols blink 5 times. Pressing the MENU button
again, no symbol will be shown on the display.
• When the desired mode is selected, the corresponding symbol will
blink 5 times and the acoustic signal will sound; if the user does not
press any button for 2 seconds, the mode is set.
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" once.
" is pressed again within 2 seconds, the


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