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Economy Mode; Child Lock Function - Whirlpool ARC 4360 IX Instructions For Use Manual

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How to use:
• Press the menu button until the Economy symbol lights up.
• If the user does not press any button for 2 sec., the Economy mode
will be set. The corresponding symbol will blink 5 times and the
acoustic alarm will sound.
• During this mode, the Economy symbol will be alight, the freezer/
refrigerator temperature displays will show "E" and the bars will be off.
• The other modes will not work when the Economy mode is
activated. To cancel the Economy mode, select it again.


This refrigerator is equipped with a lock system to prevent accidental
operation by children.
Setting The Child Lock
• Simultaneously press and hold buttons "
lock symbol will light.
Cancelling The Child Lock
• Simultaneously press and hold buttons "
lock symbol will turn off.
Note: In the event of a power failure, the "Child Lock" will be
deactivated automatically.
NO LIGHT MODE (depending on the model)
• If you want to disable the lamps of both compartments, select this mode. Lamps will not light until this
mode is cancelled.
Setting This mode
• Press the "
Cancelling This Mode
• To cancel the function, proceed in the same way or it will be cancelled automatically after a few hours.
Downloaded from Manuals
" and "
" and "
" and "
" buttons, at the same time open and close freezer door 3 times.
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