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Radio Interference; Testing Your Microwave Oven; Testing Your Dinnerware Or Cookware - KitchenAid KCMS135H Use And Care Manual

Kitchenaid microwave oven use and care guide kcms135h
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Radio interference

Using your microwave oven may cause interference
to your radio, TV, or similar equipment. When there
is interference, you can reduce it or remove it by:
• Cleaning the door and sealing surfaces of
the oven.
• Adjusting the receiving antenna of the radio
or television.

Testing your microwave oven

To test the oven, put about 1 cup of cold water in a
glass container in the oven. Close the
door and make sure it latches. Follow
the directions in "Cooking at high cook
power" in the "Standard Microwave
Cooking" section to set the oven to
cook for 2 minutes. When the time is up, the water
should be heated.

Testing your dinnerware or cookware

Test dinnerware or cookware before using.
To test a dish for safe use, put it into the oven
with a cup of water beside it. Cook at 100% cook
power for 1 minute. If the dish gets hot and water
stays cool, do not use it. Some dishes (melamine,
some ceramic dinnerware, etc.) absorb microwave
energy, becoming too hot to handle and slowing
cooking times. Cooking in metal containers not
designed for microwave use could damage the oven,
as could containers with hidden metal (twist-ties, foil
lining, staples, metallic glaze or trim).
Getting to Know Your Microwave Oven
• Moving the radio or TV away from the microwave
• Plugging the microwave oven into a different
outlet so that the microwave oven and radio or
TV are on different branch circuits.


Table of Contents

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