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Operating Safety Precautions - KitchenAid KCMS135H Use And Care Manual

Kitchenaid microwave oven use and care guide kcms135h
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Getting to Know Your Microwave Oven

Operating safety precautions

Never cook or reheat a whole egg inside the
1 minute before cutting into them.
For best results, stir any liquid several times
(coffee granules, tea bags, etc.). This can harm
the oven.
Never lean on the door or allow a child to swing on
shell. Steam buildup
in whole eggs may
cause them to burst and
possibly damage the
oven. Slice hard-boiled
eggs before heating. In
rare cases, poached
eggs have been known
to explode. Cover
poached eggs and
allow a standing time of
during heating or
reheating. Liquids
heated in certain
containers (especially
containers shaped like
cylinders) may become
overheated. The liquid
may splash out with a
loud noise during or
after heating or when
adding ingredients
it when the door is
Use hot pads. Microwave energy does not heat
Do not overcook potatoes. At the end of the
Do not start a microwave oven when it is empty.
containers, but the heat
from the food can make
the container hot.
recommended cooking
time, potatoes should
be slightly firm because
they will continue cooking
during standing time.
After microwaving,
let potatoes stand for
5 minutes. They will finish
cooking while standing.
Product life may be
If you practice
programming the oven,
put a container of water
in the oven. It is normal
for the oven door to look
wavy after the oven has
been running for a while.


Table of Contents

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