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Caring For Your Microwave Oven - KitchenAid KBMC140H Use And Care Manual

Upper microwave oven with convection and/or broil element
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Table of Contents
aring for Your Microwave
Your CRISPWAVE microwave oven has a
stainless steel interior. Unlike painted steel
interiors found in most other microwave
ovens, the surface will not chip, rust or cor-
rode. Over time, stains can occur on the
stainless steel surface as the result of food
particles splattering during cooking. This is
• Do not use metal scouring pads, steel
wool or soap-filled scouring pads on the
inside oven cavity. They will scratch the
• Rub in the direction of the grain line to
avoid marring the surface.
• Always wipe dry to avoid water marks.
• If commercial cleaners are used, follow
label directions. If product contains
chlorine (bleach), wipe thoroughly with
clean water and dry with a soft, lint-free
cloth. Chlorine is a corrosive substance.
For interior surfaces: Wash often with
warm, sudsy water and a sponge or soft
cloth. Use only mild, nonabrasive soaps or a
mild detergent. Be sure to keep the areas
clean where door and oven frame touch
when closed. Wipe well with clean water.
For stubborn soil, boil 1 cup (250 mL) of
water in the oven for 2 or 3 minutes. Steam
will soften the soil. To get rid of odors inside
the oven, boil 1 cup (250 mL) of water with
lemon juice or vinegar.
Routine cleaning and
Stubborn stains and
baked-on residue
Hard water spots
For exterior surfaces and control panel:
Use a soft cloth with spray glass cleaner.
Apply the spray glass cleaner to the soft
cloth; do not spray directly on the oven.
NOTE: Abrasive cleaners, steel-wool
pads, gritty wash cloths, some paper
towels, etc., can damage the control panel
and the interior and exterior oven surfaces.
To clean turntable and turntable support,
wash in mild, sudsy water; for heavily soiled
areas, use a mild cleanser and scouring
sponge. The turntable and turntable support
are dishwasher safe.
You can remove the glass turntable to clean
the oven cavity floor; however, this oven is
designed to operate with the turntable in
place. Do not operate the microwave oven
when the turntable is removed for cleaning.
See the "how your microwave oven works"
section for more information about the
To clean the Broiling Grid, wash with
steel-wool pad and warm, soapy water. Grid
is dishwasher-safe.
To clean CRISPWARE™ Crisper Pan,
wash in mild, sudsy water; for heavily soiled
areas use a mild cleanser and scouring
sponge. Pan is dishwasher safe.
Liquid detergent/soap
and water, or
all-purpose cleaner
Mildly abrasive cleanser
or stainless-steel
Wipe with damp cloth or sponge,
then wipe with clean water and dry.
To avoid marring the surface, rub in
the direction of grain lines with a
damp cloth or sponge and
cleanser. Wipe thoroughly with
clean water. Repeat if necessary.
Swab or wipe with cloth.
Wipe with clean water and dry.


Table of Contents

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