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To Attach Ravioli Maker Attachment; To Use Ravioli Maker Attachment - KitchenAid KRAV Instructions Manual

Ravioli maker attachment
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Ravioli Maker Attachment

To Attach Ravioli Maker Attachment

1. Make sure the stand mixer's speed control
lever is set to the OFF/0 position.
2. Unplug the stand mixer.
3. Loosen the attachment knob (A) by
turning it counterclockwise and remove
the attachment hub cover or flip up
hub cover.
4. Insert the attachment shaft housing (B)
into the attachment hub (C) making
certain that attachment power shaft fits
into square hub socket.
5. It may be necessary to rotate the attachment back and forth. When the attachment
is in proper position, the pin (D) on the attachment housing will fit into the notch (E)
on the hub rim.
6. Tighten the attachment knob by turning it clockwise until the attachment is completely
secured to mixer.

To Use Ravioli Maker Attachment

1. Remove hopper from the Ravioli
Maker Attachment by pulling
upward firmly.
2. Fold pasta sheet in half.
Folded End
3. To insert the pasta sheet, insert the
folded end between the forming
rollers. Rotate the handle one quarter
of a turn to feed the pasta sheet.
NOTE: Two-knob handle provides precise
thumb and forefinger control of rolling
and filling. The mixer is not turned on
while making ravioli.
NOTE: Pasta sheets should be uniformly thick
" (0.156 cm) and wide 5
Center the sheets when feeding them into
rollers. Lightly dust the pasta with flour to aid
in processing.
" (13.75 cm).
4. Separate the two loose ends of the
pasta sheet and drape each end over
the smooth metal rollers.
5. Locate the slight indentation on
one side of the hopper rim. Position
the indented side so it faces the
attachment-knob-side of the stand
mixer. Place the hopper on top of the
dough sheet, between the separated
ends, and push down until you hear
a "click" and the side edges of the
hopper rest against the Ravioli Maker.
(not shown)


Table of Contents

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