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Brewing Coffee - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCM050 Owner's Manual

Pro line series coffee maker
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Before brewing coffee for the first time, run the coffee maker
through a complete brewing cycle without coffee. Use a full
carafe of clean, cool water. This rinses the water reservoir, heat
pump, and showerhead. This first brew cycle will yield slightly less
water than the amount added, since the brew system retains a
small amount of water.
Fill a carafe with enough fresh, cool water to make the desired
amount of coffee. A graduated scale on the side of the carafe
helps measure the amount of water required. The right side
of the scale ("coffee") is an accurate measurement of carafe
volume in 4
-ounce cups. The left side of the scale ("water")
indicates the amount of water needed to produce a given
number of cups. (Brewing always produces less coffee than the
volume of water added, since coffee grounds retain water.)


NOTE: Use at least 4 cups (17 oz.) of water to brew coffee.
The coffee maker will not operate with less.
Remove the water guide cover and pour the water into the guide.
The water level icons on the brew timer
display will indicate whether the water reservoir is low, medium,
or near full.