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Storing The Coffee Maker; Cleaning The Optional Permanent Filter - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCM050 Owner's Manual

Pro line series coffee maker
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Storing the Coffee Maker

Since the coffee maker retains a small amount of water after
brewing, never use it in environments where the temperature drops
below freezing (32˚F or 0˚C).
If the coffee maker will not be used for a prolonged period, or if it
will be stored at temperatures below freezing, empty all water from
the unit. To empty, unplug the coffee maker, then remove the water
guide cover, the water filter access cover, the water filter, and the
brew basket. Hold the coffee maker over a sink, and repeatedly turn
it upside down until all the water drains from the unit. Wipe the
coffee maker dry, and store.
When the coffee maker is taken out of storage, run it through a
complete brewing cycle without coffee. Use a full carafe of clean, cool
water. This rinses the water reservoir, heat pump, and showerhead.

Cleaning the Optional Permanent Filter

After several uses, clean the filter with a soft brush or sponge. Avoid
using abrasive cleansers or steel wool pads. The filter can also be
washed in the top rack of a dishwasher.