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KitchenAid Pro Line KPCM050 Owner's Manual page 13

Pro line series coffee maker
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12-Cup Glass Carafe
The Carafe features drip-free pouring, a
comfortable handle, and a removable lid that snaps
in and out. Orange and black lids can be alternated
to indicate regular or decaffeinated coffee.
Warming Plate Temperature Switch
Keep coffee heated to taste: "low" preserves the
flavor of coffee served at a leisurely pace, while
"high" keeps coffee piping hot.
Brew Timer Display and
Timer Adjustment Buttons
Digital display shows the AM or PM time-of-day
along with the water level, sound, and filter icons.
The easy-to-set brew timer will brew coffee at the
selected time, day or night. "Flicker protection" ensures that the
timer and clock will maintain settings during a momentary power
outage. The "+" and "–" timer adjustment buttons set the brew
timer and clock.
Auto-On/Off Switch
To switch the coffee maker on or off, turn
the auto-on/off switch momentarily to the "On/Off"
position. To activate or deactivate the automatic brew
timer, turn the switch momentarily to the "Auto"
position. Indicator lights show when the coffee maker is on or the
brew timer is activated. The coffee maker or brew timer cannot be
switched on if there are fewer than 4 cups (17 oz.) of brew water in
the reservoir.
Program-Clock Switch
The program-clock switch is used with the timer
adjustment buttons to program the brew timer and
set the time-of-day clock. To enter the clock-setting
mode, turn the program-clock switch momentarily
to the "Clock" position. To program the brew timer, turn the
program-clock switch momentarily to the "Prog" position.
Time-Since-Brew Display
Display shows coffee freshness at a glance. 30, 60,
90, and 120-minute quadrants light up to indicate
the time elapsed since the last carafe was brewed.
Water Level Icons
Icons on the brew timer display show whether the
water reservoir is low, medium, or full.