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Coffee Brewing Suggestions: Advice For Great Taste; Coffee Brewing Suggestions - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCM050 Owner's Manual

Pro line series coffee maker
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The flavor of coffee depends on a variety of
factors, including the quality, freshness, and
roast of the beans, the fineness and
consistency of the grind, the ratio of coffee
to brew water, the cleanliness of the brewing
equipment, and the brew water purity.
Fresh Coffee Beans
Great coffee can only come from fresh coffee
beans, properly roasted. Many experts
recommend buying beans roasted no darker than a
medium roast, the color of which appears as an
even chocolate brown. This roast preserves the natural sugars
and flavor of the bean, and sets the stage for an excellent cup of
coffee. A medium roast is the darkest a bean can be roasted
without oils developing on the surface.
Darkly roasted beans – which appear dark brown or
can help preserve beans stored for an extended period, but it will
also impair the flavor.
nearly black – look great, but the extra roasting will
overwhelm the more delicate coffee flavors and
caramelize any sugars. A heavy "roasted" coffee
flavor, often bitter and sharp, will predominate
with a dark roast.
To preserve the freshness of coffee beans:
Keep beans in an opaque, air-tight container and
store them in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is not
recommended, as condensation tends to form on
the beans whenever the container is opened. Freezing