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Adjusting The Message Tone Volume; Adjusting Message Tone Volume - KitchenAid Pro Line KPCM050 Owner's Manual

Pro line series coffee maker
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Message tones instantly communicate coffee maker status. Tone
volume can be set high or low, or turned off for silent operation.
When first used, the coffee maker automatically defaults to high
volume tones.
The sound level icon will be visible on the brew timer display
when message tones are enabled:
High-Volume Icon
Low-Volume Icon
With message tones enabled, the coffee maker will produce 3
one-second tones when the brewing cycle is complete, and a
single one-second tone when:
you attempt to turn on the coffee maker or activate the brew
timer without sufficient water in the reservoir
the water reservoir nears the maximum level during filling
the water filter icon is reset
To Adjust the Message Tone Volume
Press and hold the "–" and "+" Timer Adjustment Buttons
simultaneously for about 5 seconds to enable, disable, or
change the volume of the message tones.
As the Timer Adjustment Buttons are pressed:
If the Timer Adjustment Buttons are held down continuously, the
message tones will alternate between disabled, low volume, and
high volume.
Timer Adjustment Buttons
If the high-volume sound level icon is visible, it will disappear.
The message tones are now disabled.
If the message tones are disabled (no sound level icon is
visible), the low-volume sound level icon will appear. The
coffee maker will now produce low-volume tones.
If the low-volume sound level icon is visible, it will change to
the high-volume icon. The coffee maker will now produce
high-volume tones.