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Utility Stitches; Straight Stitches; Starting To Sew; Sewing From The Edge Of Thick Fabric - ELNA eXpressive 900 Instruction Manual

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Utility Stitches

Straight stitches

Patterns U1 to U5 are straight stitches for seaming. Press
the pattern selection key for the desired stitch.

Starting to sew

Place the fabric next to a seam guide line on the needle
plate. Lower the needle to the point where you want to
Pull the needle and bobbin threads towards the rear and
lower the foot.
Press the start/stop button or foot control to start sewing.
Gently guide the fabric along the seam guide line letting
the fabric go naturally.
q Start/stop button

Sewing from the edge of thick fabric

The black button on the zigzag foot locks the foot in the
horizontal position.
This is helpful when you start sewing at the extreme edge
of thick fabrics or for sewing across a hem.
Lower the needle into the fabric at the point where you
wish to start sewing.
Lower the foot while pushing in the black button. The foot
is locked in the horizontal position to avoid slipping.
After a few stitches, the black button is released
w Black button

Changing sewing direction

Stop the machine and press the presser foot lifter button
to raise the presser foot.
Pivot the fabric around the needle to change the sewing
direction as desired.
Start sewing in a new direction.
If you turn on the foot up option in the adjustment
window, the presser foot will automatically go up when
the machine stops (refer to page 36).

Turning a square corner

To maintain a 5/8˝ seam allowance after turning a square
corner, use the cornering guide on the needle plate.
Stop sewing when the front edge of fabric reaches the
cornering guide lines.
Press the foot lifter button and turn the fabric 90 degrees.
Start sewing in the new direction.
e Cornering guide


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  • Janet Mello Jan 25, 2019 01:03:
    My Elba 900 machine stops sewing when I do statin stitching. Can you tell me how I can fix the problem?