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Total Protection Solutions TransTrack 50 Operation Manual

Surge protective devices transtrack series
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TransTrack Series:
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  Summary of Contents for Total Protection Solutions TransTrack 50

  • Page 1 Total Protection Solutions ® Surge Protective Devices TransTrack Series: Installation, 50, 100, 160 and 200 Operation and Maintenance Manual ® ™ TRANSTRACK INSTALLATION, OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE MANUAL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction Before Installation System Configuration Verification Wiring Connection Diagrams Upstream Over-Current Protection Device Raceway Wire Length and Conductor Routing Mounting Connection and Wiring Instructions Phase, Neutral and Ground Connections Connecting Form C Dry Contacts Verification and Power Up Troubleshooting Technical Assistance Returns and Warranty Procedures...
  • Page 3: Introduction

    INTRODUCTION INTRODUCTION Today’s sophisticated electronic equipment requires reliable surge protective devices. By selecting Joslyn ® ,Total Protection Solutions , TransTrack devices, you have taken a critical step toward decreasing downtime and ensuring longer product life ™ ™ for your equipment. TransTrack is designed to protect facilities and sensitive electrical and electronic equipment against the harmful effects of lightning strikes and internally generated electrical transients.
  • Page 4: Before Installation

    BEFORE INSTALLATION 1. System Configuration Verification: Confirm that the voltage(s) and service configuration shown on TransTrack product label are consistent with the voltage and service configuration of the facility. A model number is on the bottom side of TransTrack. Each model number corresponds to the configurations printed in the table below: Example of a suppressor model number: TK-TT200-3Y208-F NOMINAL...
  • Page 5: Wiring Connection Diagrams

    2. Wiring Connection Diagrams Figures 1-5 show the electrical relationship between TransTrack and these five basic service configurations: Single-phase, 2-wire, Split-phase, 3-wire; Three-phase, 4-wire WYE, Three-phase, 3-wire DELTA and Three-phase, 4-wire high-leg DELTA. Fig. 1: 1-Phase, 2-Wire Fig. 2: Split Phase, 3-Wire 20 AMP, 1-POLE 20 AMP, 2-POLE CIRCUIT BREAKER...
  • Page 6: Upstream Over-Current Protection Device

    3. Upstream Over-Current Protection Device TransTrack must be connected in parallel with the electrical system. It must be connected to an overcurrent protection device (circuit breaker or fused switch) rated 20A maximum. The advantage of using a dedicated overcurrent protection device for the suppressor is that it allows the suppressor to be de-energized during service without disturbing the electrical service to the rest of the facility.
  • Page 7: Connecting Form C Dry Contacts

    2. Connecting Form C Dry Contacts TransTrack units come standard with Form “C” dry contacts. The relay contacts are rated 110V DC/125V AC with maximum switching power of 30W DC/62.5VA AC. Use butt splices within the panelboard to connect the Form “C” leads to the user’s monitoring circuits.
  • Page 8: Warranty Statement

    WARRANTY STATEMENT During the applicable warranty period, any Total Protection Solutions surge protector device which fails due to defect in ™ materials, workmanship, or any electrical anomaly, including lightning, shall be repaired or replaced at Joslyn’s discretion. Prior to shipment of any suspect or known defective product to Joslyn a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number must be obtained.

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