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Total Protection Solutions LowProfile 080 Operation Manual

Lowprofile series surge protective devices
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LowProfile Series:
080 and 120
InstaLLatIOn, OPERatIOn and MaIntEnancE ManuaL
Operation and


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Summary of Contents for Total Protection Solutions LowProfile 080

  • Page 1 ® Surge Protective Devices LowProfile Series: Installation, 080 and 120 Operation and Maintenance Manual 1.800.853.8265 ™ LOWPROFILE InstaLLatIOn, OPERatIOn and MaIntEnancE ManuaL...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    T BLE OF CONTENTS Before Installation System Configuration Verification Wiring Connection Diagrams Upstream Over-Current Protection Device Conductor Routing Conductor Openings Mounting Optional Flush-Mount Plate Connection and Wiring Instructions Phase, Neutral and Ground Connections Connecting Form C Dry Contacts Neutral to Ground Filter Jumper Verification and Power Up Troubleshooting Technical Assistance...
  • Page 3: Before Installation

    BEFORE INST LL TION WARNING: HAZARDOUS VOLTAGES PRESENT Improper installation or misapplication may result in serious personnel injury and/or damage to electrical system. Read the complete installation instructions before proceeding with installation. Remove all power to the electrical panel before installing or servicing the surge protective device (SPD).
  • Page 4: Wiring Connection Diagrams

    WARNING: Check to ensure that a proper bond is installed between neutral and ground at the transformer upstream from all 3-phase WYE or split-phase LowProfile SPD (See NEC Article 250). If the transformer is not accessible, check the main service disconnect/panel for the N-G bond. Lack of a proper bond will damage LowProfile and void the warranty.
  • Page 5: Mounting

    Fig. 4 Conduit Openings, Enclosure Mounting, and Dimensions 6. Mounting LowProfile can be mounted in a variety of methods. The basic method is to wall mount using the mounting feet attached to the base of the enclosure. LowProfile can also be mounted even (or flush-mount) to the exterior wall surface. Mount LowProfile using construction methods and hardware appropriate for your site.
  • Page 6: Connection And Wiring Instructions

    CONNECTION ND WIRING INSTRUCTIONS 1. Phase, Neutral, and Ground Connections NOTE: In order to connect the LowProfile unit, it will be necessary to remove the cover of the unit. Use care when removing the cover, as there are wires, which run from components on the cover to inside the enclosure of the SPD. The monitor board (located on the backside of the cover) has a cable harness which routes into the enclosure.
  • Page 7: Neutral To Ground Filter Jumper

    Fig. 5 Remote Monitoring Terminal Block Contacts shown in energized normal state. (no fault condition) COVER REAR VIEW 3. Neutral to Ground Filter Jumper All LowProfile models with enhanced filter (model numbers end with “-F” suffix) come with a green jumper wire, which loops out of the epoxy and connects the filter from neutral to ground.
  • Page 8: Verification And Power Up

    4. Verification and Power Up WARNING: It is recommended that the cover of the LowProfile unit along with its associated cabling be installed prior to applying power. The monitoring harness, which exits the epoxy and connects to J2 on the monitor board, contains line voltage when power is applied to the unit.
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    (installation labor and site preparation excluded). Return the defective parts within 30 days of receiving the replace- ment. Failure to return the defective parts will result in billing for the replacement parts. To help expedite the return proce- dures, please have the following information at hand when you contact Total Protection Solutions: INFORM TION...
  • Page 10: Warranty Statement

    RMA documentation. Total Protection Solutions shall have no liability under this warranty for problems or defects directly or indirectly caused by misuse of the Product, alteration of the Product (including removal of any warning labels), accidents, improper installation, application, operation or improper repair of the Product.

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