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Upstream Over-Current Protection Device; Raceway; Wire Length And Conductor Routing; Mounting - Total Protection Solutions TransTrack 50 Operation Manual

Surge protective devices transtrack series
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3. Upstream Over-Current Protection Device

TransTrack must be connected in parallel with the electrical system. It must be connected to an overcurrent protection
device (circuit breaker or fused switch) rated 20A maximum. The advantage of using a dedicated overcurrent protection
device for the suppressor is that it allows the suppressor to be de-energized during service without disturbing the electrical
service to the rest of the facility.

4. Raceway

To route TransTrack conductors to the panel being protected, choose from any of these materials: (1) non-metallic flexible
conduit, (2) metallic flexible conduit, (3) rigid conduit or (4) a nipple. The TransTrack enclosure is provided standard with
a 3/4-inch hub which will accept rigid or IMC conduit. A plastic flexible conduit with fitting and a 3-inch nipple are available
as options.

5. Wire Length and Conductor Routing

Use the supplied 24-inch, #10 AWG leads. Trim leads to suit the application but do NOT splice to add length to the leads.
Refer to Figures 1 through 4 for the color code of the TransTrack leads. Terminate the leads as shown. TransTrack's perform-
ance will be severely limited if the conductors are (a) too long, (b) are of too small a wire gauge, (c) have too many bends or
(d) have sharp bends. The factors lisited above should be addressed during the design of an installation to reserve a suitable
place for TransTrack next to its point of connection to the electrical system. The selected mounting location should allow for
the shortest possible conductor runs and a direct route with a minimum of bends. If bends are required, they should be
sweeping bends. Do not make sharp 90º bends for appearance purposes because they will severely decrease the effectiveness
of TransTrack. Binding or twisting conductors together using tie-wraps or electrical tape increases the protection perform-
ance of the device.

6. Mounting

Four 5/16-inch holes are provided for mounting the TransTrack.
FIG. 6
Mounting Hole Detail
7 1/2"
6 3/4"


1. Phase, Neutral, and Ground Connections
Phase, Neutral* and Ground: Following all applicable National Electrical Code standards as well as state and local codes,
connect the phase, neutral* and ground conductors from upstream overcurrent protection device to TransTrack. Ensure that
the conductor lengths are kept as short and straight as possible. On all high-leg delta systems, the Phase B conductor of the
suppressor (color-coded orange according to NEC) must be connected to the high-leg.
*DELTA-connected TransTrack does not have a neutral conductor.



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