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Belling 60cm User Manual page 10

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Installation should only be carried out by
a qualifi ed installer or engineer.
Please keep to the following points most
Although every care has been taken to
ensure this appliance has no burrs, or
sharp edges, We recommend that you
wear protective gloves when installing and
moving this appliance. This will prevent
The hob should not be fi tted above a
washing machine, a fridge or a freezer.
Wall surfaces above the work surface and
in the immediate vicinity of the cooking
hob must be heat resistant.
Laminated surfaces and the adhesive used
for fi xing them must be heat resistant in
order to avoid any damage.
Installations should be carried out in line
with the National Regulations applicable
with this product type.
The hob is designed to be built into a
worktop as detailed below.
(cut-out dimensions Fig.1B)
rear wall
53mm min
Worktop cutout sizes
560mm (60cm hobs)
660mm (70cm hobs)
860mm (90cm hobs)
Protecting the Hob cut-out;
The types of chipboard used for work
surfaces swell relatively quickly in contact
with humidity.
Apply a special varnish or adhesive to
the cut edge to protect it from moisture
Clearances and dimensions – re-
No shelf or overhang of combustible
material should be closer than 650mm
above the hob.
There must be a minimum clearance of
50mm between the edges of the hob
and any side walls; this clearance must
be maintained up to 420mm above the
There must be a minimum clearance of
50mm between the rear edge of the hob
and the rear wall. This clearance must
be maintained up to 650mm above the
Apply the self adhesive seal to the
underside edges of the hob glass. For
best results, the seal should be adhered
along each side in turn, as close to the
edge as possible, and trimmed at each
corner, taking care to ensure a neat join.
Place the hob in the aperture, checking
the hob glass is covering the worktop
along all four sides. Set the front edge of
the appliance parallel with the front of the

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