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Rider's Manual (US-Model)
R 1200 GS Adventure
BMW Motorrad
The Ultimate Riding


Table Of Contents

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  • Page 1

    Rider's Manual (US-Model) R 1200 GS Adventure BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine...

  • Page 2

    Motorcycle/Retailer Data Motorcycle data Retailer Data Model Contact in Service Vehicle Identification Number Ms./Mr. Phone number Color number First registration Registration number Retailer's address/phone number (company stamp)

  • Page 3

    We congratulate you on your choice of a motorcycle from BMW and welcome you to the We wish you many miles of community of BMW riders. safe and enjoyable riding Familiarize yourself with your new motorcycle so that you BMW Motorrad.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Function indicators ..20 symbols ....6 BMW Motorrad Integral General warning ....49 Equipment .

  • Page 5

    Air filter ....123 chart ....140 Brake system with BMW Removing right side Threaded fasteners .

  • Page 6

    ....154 BMW Motorrad service quality ....154...

  • Page 7: General Instructions

    General instructions Overview......6 Abbreviations and symbols ..6 Equipment ..... . 7 Technical data .

  • Page 8: Overview

    Should you want to sell your BMW Motorrad retail- BMW one day, please also re- Results of an action. member to turn over the Rid- er's Manual to the new owner; Reference to a page EWS Electronic immobilizer.

  • Page 9: Equipment

    This Rider's Manual für Normung e. V. (DIN) and describes optional equipment comply with its tolerance reg- (OE) offered by BMW and se- ulations. Versions for individ- lected optional accessories ual countries may differ. (OA). This explains why the...

  • Page 11: Overviews

    Overviews General view, left side ..General view, right side ..Underneath seat ....Left handlebar fitting .

  • Page 13: General View, Left Side

    General view, left side Clutch fluid reservoir 106) Headlight adjustment (vertical), beneath instru- ment panel ( Adjusting rear damping Seat lock ( Onboard socket ( Filler neck, engine oil 101) Oil sight glass ( 100) Adjusting front spring preload ( Onboard socket (OA) 10 Adjustable windshield...

  • Page 15: General View, Right Side

    General view, right side Fill location for fuel Vehicle Identification Number on steering- head bearing Brake-fluid reservoir, front ( 104) Air filter (under tank cov- er) ( 123) Adjustable footbrake lever ( Adjuster, spring preload, rear ( Brake-fluid reservoir, rear 105)

  • Page 16: Underneath Seat

    Underneath seat Battery ( 129) Rider's Manual Toolkit ( Flat tire set (OA) below onboard toolkit Helmet holder (...

  • Page 17: Left Handlebar Fitting

    Left handlebar fitting Control, odometer 43), Operation of onboard computer ASC button ABS button Pushbutton, horn Left turn indicator button 59), Hazard warning flashers button ( High-beam headlight switch ( 56), Switch for headlight flasher...

  • Page 18: Handlebar Fitting, Right

    Handlebar fitting, right Emergency ON/OFF switch ( Pushbutton, starter Right turn indicator button ( 59), Hazard warning flashers button Turn indicators off button 60), Hazard warn- ing flashers off button Heated hand grips switch...

  • Page 19: Instrument Cluster

    Instrument cluster Speedometer Tachometer Warning and indicator lights ( Multifunction display Indicator light for anti- theft alarm (OE) and sen- sor for instrument cluster lighting Adjustment of clock 45), Control, odometer (...

  • Page 20: Headlight

    Headlight Low-beam headlight High-beam headlight Parking lights...

  • Page 21

    Status indicators Multifunction display ... Warning and indicator lights . . . ABS warning light ... Function indicators ... . General warning indicators.

  • Page 22: Multifunction Display

    Multifunction display Warning and indicator ABS warning light lights In some countries a different display of the ABS warning light is possible. Possible country-depen- dent versions. Function indicators Fuel capacity Clock ( 45), Area for The horizontal bars un- TPC displays 44), Indicator light, left turn der the gas pump sym-...

  • Page 23: General Warning Indicators

    Engine temperature Offroad ASC intervention cases, an additional gener- al warning light lights up red (OE) The lateral bars under or yellow. If several warnings the temperature symbol General warning light are active, all corresponding show the engine temperature flashes rapidly in yellow. indicator lights and warning level.

  • Page 24

    Overview of warning indicators Display Meaning Lights up yellow EWS! warning Electronic immobilizer is active appears. Lights up yellow FUEL! warning Fuel down to reserve ( appears. Lights up yellow Is indicated Engine electronics ( Flashes in red Is indicated Engine oil pressure insufficient Displayed with Engine oil level too low (...

  • Page 25

    Display Meaning Is indicated Ice warning (OE) ( DWALO! warning Anti-theft alarm battery (OE) weak appears DWA! Lights up yellow warning Anti-theft alarm battery (OE) dead appears.

  • Page 26

    Have the defective key re- trol unit has diagnosed a fault. Reserve fuel quantity placed, preferably by an In exceptional cases, the en- authorized BMW Motorrad gine stops and can no longer retailer. be started. Otherwise, the 1.1 gal (4 l)

  • Page 27

    BMW Motorrad retailer. preferably an authorized Checking engine oil level BMW Motorrad retailer. 100) Engine oil pressure...

  • Page 28

    Continued driving is possi- rized BMW Motorrad retail- ble until the battery is dis- Tail light or brake light bulb charged. However, the en- defective. gine can die suddenly and...

  • Page 29

    3 °C. A defective bulb places rized BMW Motorrad retail- Always take extra care and your safety at risk be- think well ahead when tem- cause it is easier for other peratures are low;...

  • Page 30: Warning Indicators Of Tire Pressure Control Tpc Oe

    In the display area of the Contact a specialized work- clock or the onboard shop, preferably an autho- computer, the air pressure of rized BMW Motorrad retail- the front wheel 1 and the rear wheel 2 are displayed with the text . The critical air...

  • Page 31

    Overview of warning indicators Display Meaning Lights up yellow The critical air Tire pressure in limit area of permis- pressure flashes sible tolerance ( Flashes in red The critical air Tire pressure outside permissible pressure flashes tolerance ( Transmission error ( "...

  • Page 32

    Tire pressure outside workshop, preferably an au- permissible tolerance The critical air pressure thorized BMW Motorrad re- flashes. General warning light tailer. flashes in red. If you are unsure about the The measured tire pressure is...

  • Page 33

    Contact a specialized work- Have the fault eliminated shop, preferably an autho- by a specialized workshop, Watch the TPC display in rized BMW Motorrad retail- another environment. A preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer. permanent fault has not occurred until the general A system fault has occurred.

  • Page 34: Abs Warning Indicators Oe

    ABS warning indicators Display ABS warnings are indi- cated by the ABS warn- ing light. The warning light can light up continuously or flash. In some countries an alterna- tive display of the ABS warn- ing light is possible. Possible country-depen- dent versions.

  • Page 35

    Overview of warning indicators Display Meaning Flashes Self-diagnosis not completed Lights up ABS deactivated ( Lights up ABS error (...

  • Page 36: Asc Warning Indicators Oe

    Self-diagnosis not with OE BMW Motorrad ASC warning completed Integral ABS: indicators ABS warning light flash- Switching on ABS function Display ASC warnings are indi- The ABS function is not ABS error cated by the ASC warn- available, because the ing symbol in conjunction with ABS warning light ON.

  • Page 37

    Overview of warning indicators Display Meaning Flashes slowly Self-diagnosis not completed Flashes slowly Self-diagnosis not ended in offroad mode ( Is indicated ASC deactivated ( Lights up yellow Is indicated ASC error (...

  • Page 38

    Self-diagnosis not with OE Automatic Stability The ASC self-diagnosis has completed Control (ASC): not yet been completed, how- ever the system has already ASC symbol flashes Activating ASC function switched over to the offroad slowly. mode. The offroad ASC func- The self-diagnosis was not ASC error tion is not yet available.

  • Page 39

    BMW Motorrad retailer.

  • Page 41: Operation

    ..Adjusting windshield ..BMW Motorrad Integral Spring preload ....

  • Page 42: Ignition Switch And Steering Lock

    Engine can be started. the Topcase (OA) can be op- Pre-ride check is erated with the same key. performed. ( with OE BMW Motorrad Turn key to position 2. Integral ABS: Light switched off. Turn key to position 1. Handlebars not locked.

  • Page 43: Electronic Immobilizer Ews

    You can al- recharged via the onboard the handlebars to the left to socket. set the steering lock. so have your authorized BMW Motorrad retailer disable par- Turn handlebars to full left Locking handlebars ticular keys, for example in or right lock position.

  • Page 44: Hazard Warning Flashers

    Replacement and spare keys tive again. are only available through an Hazard warning flashers in authorized BMW Motorrad re- operation. tailer. The keys are part of an Left/right turn indicator integrated security system, so lights flash.

  • Page 45: Odometer And Tripmeters

    Switching off hazard Odometer and always reappears on the mul- tifunction display. warning flashers tripmeters Operating odometer Press turn-indicator cancel Press button 1 once briefly. button 1. On motorcycles without an The hazard warning flashers onboard computer and with- are switched off. out TPC, the operation of the odometer described in the fol- lowing can also be carried out...

  • Page 46: Tire Pressure Control

    Total distance covered The determined residu- Tripmeter 1 (Trip I) al range is an approxi- Tripmeter 2 (Trip II) mate reading. BMW Motor- Operating range (after rad therefore recommends reaching reserve level) that you do not try to use the...

  • Page 47: Clock

    wheel, and the right-hand val- ue the air pressure of the rear wheel. On motorcycles with an onboard computer, the tire pressures are displayed as an additional value of the on- board computer. Clock Setting clock Repeatedly press INFO but- Press INFO button 1 repeat- ton 1 until the tire pressures edly until total mileage is...

  • Page 48: Onboard Computer Oe

    Press and hold INFO button until display changes. The display stops flashing. Clock setting ended. Onboard computer Selecting readings Switch on ignition. Press and hold INFO button The onboard-computer dis- until display changes. play field indicates the values below in the following order Hours reading 2 starts to beginning with the current flash.

  • Page 49: Ambient Temperature

    Ambient temperature select some other display Resetting average speed mode. Calculation of average speed The display of the ambient Repeatedly press INFO temperature 1 is only active button 1 until the average when the engine is running. speed appears in the Otherwise is shown.

  • Page 50

    SET"). used, which does not always Display shows "--.- mpg". match the value that can be shown on the display. The determined range is an approximate read- ing. BMW Motorrad therefore recommends that you do not...

  • Page 51: Bmw Motorrad Integral

    Side-stand retracted. case, please contact your refueling. authorized BMW Motorrad The readings mean: retailer. Oil level : Oil level is correct. BMW Motorrad Integral ABS CHECK : Check oil level at oil sight glass during next refuel- Switching off ABS ing stop.

  • Page 52: Automatic Stability Control

    ABS warning light lights not switched off until the foot- ABS warning light remains brake lever is actuated. up; if self-diagnosis off. is not completed, the ABS If ABS self-diagnosis is not Switching on ABS warning light changes from completed, ABS warning function flashing to being continuously light continues to flash.

  • Page 53

    If no ASC symbol is shown, the ASC is active. If this symbol is shown, the offroad ASC is ac- tive. If this symbol is shown, the ASC is deactivated. Operating sequence of ASC Hold down ASC button 1. Hold down ASC button 1. button: Offroad ASC symbol ASC symbol is...

  • Page 54: Switch

    Activating ASC function As an alternative to pressing Emergency ON/OFF the ASC button, the igni- switch tion can also be switched off and then on again. If the ASC warning light lights up after switch- ing the ignition off and on and then continued driving over 5 mph (10 km/h), an ASC error has occurred.

  • Page 55: Heated Hand Grips Oe

    If the position of the with the ignition switched on, drain the battery if you are clutch fluid reservoir is the BMW Motorrad Integral riding at low engine speeds. changed, air can enter the ABS continues to function. If the battery is inadequate- clutch system.

  • Page 56: Brakes

    bar controls on the handle- Distance between handle- when the motorcycle is bars or the handlebars in their stationary. bar grip and clutch lever in- mounts. creases. Turn adjusting screw 1 Adjusting the clutch lever counterclockwise. while driving can lead to Distance between handle- accidents.

  • Page 57

    Distance between handle- bar grip and handbrake lever decreases. Adjustable footbrake lever The footbrake lever can be adjusted for a seated or a standing riding style. Position of the footbrake lever Push foot plate 1 of brake for standing riding. lever forward and turn it to correct limit position.

  • Page 58: Shift Lever

    The low-beam headlight Move switch 1 for high- workshop, preferably an switches on automatically beam headlight to center authorized BMW Motorrad when you start the engine. position. dealer. High-beam headlight With the engine switched switched off.

  • Page 59

    Press bottom part of Switching on additional switch 1 for high-beam headlight headlight. High-beam headlight is switched on as long as switch is pressed (headlight flasher). Switching on parking lights Press and hold left turn indi- Switch off ignition. cator switch 1 until parking light is switched on.

  • Page 60: Headlight

    Have the headlight adjusted Headlight range to the relevant conditions by a adjustment specialized workshop, prefer- ably an authorized BMW Mo- torrad retailer. Headlight range and spring preload The headlight range gener- ally remains constant due to Press top part of switch 1 the adjustment of the spring for additional headlight.

  • Page 61: Turn Indicators

    A Neutral position Press left-hand turn indica- Press right-hand turn indi- tor button 1. cator button 2. B Position with heavy pay- load After driving for approx. After driving for approx. ten seconds or after cov- ten seconds or after cov- Turn indicators ering a distance of approx.

  • Page 62: Front And Rear Seats

    Switching off turn Front and rear seats Installing passenger seat indicators If too much pressure is Removing passenger applied in the forward seat direction, there is a danger Make sure the ground is that the motorcycle will be level and firm and park the pushed off its stand.

  • Page 63

    Removing driver's seat Installing driver's seat Driver's seat clicks audibly into place. Make sure the ground is If too much pressure is Installing passenger seat level and firm and park the applied in the forward motorcycle. direction, there is a danger Removing passenger seat that the motorcycle will be Adjusting driver's seat...

  • Page 64: Helmet Holder

    Helmet holder Mirrors Using helmet holder Adjusting mirrors Removing driver's seat If both seat rods are not in the same position, the driver's seat can come loose Move the mirror into the de- from the locking device and sired position by applying wiggle.

  • Page 65: Adjusting Windshield

    Adjusting mirror arm Adjusting windshield Spring preload Spring preload and weight The spring preload on the rear wheel must be adapted to the load of the motorcy- cle. Increase spring preload when the motorcycle is heav- ily loaded and reduce spring preload accordingly when the Slide the protective cap 1 motorcycle is lightly loaded.

  • Page 66

    Adjusting the spring To decrease spring preload, Spring preload and road preload while the turn handwheel 1 in direc- surface condition motorcycle is being ridden tion of arrow LOW. The spring preload on the can lead to accidents. front wheel must be adapt- Rear wheel preload Adjust the spring preload on- ed to the nature of the terrain.

  • Page 67: Shock Absorbers

    and damping-characteristic Spring preload on settings. front wheel Adjust the damping char- acteristic to suit the spring Spring preload at posi- preload. tion 3 (For riding on gravel tracks etc. and loading) Make sure the ground is level and firm and park the Spring preload at position motorcycle.

  • Page 68: Tires

    Incorrect tire pressure Basic setting for rear- reduces the life of the wheel damping tires. Ensure proper tire pressure. Turn adjusting screw in arrow direction H until Check the tire pressure us- stop, then turn one and ing the following data. a half turns in arrow direc- Front tire pressure tion S.

  • Page 69

    In case of insufficient tire pressure: Correct tire pressure.

  • Page 71: Riding

    Refueling ..... Tire Pressure Control TPC . . . General brake system ..Brake system with BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ..Engine management with BMW Motorrad ASC .

  • Page 72: Safety Instructions

    Inhaling exhaust fumes of the year. Your authorized cle. therefore represents a BMW Motorrad retailer will be Do not exceed the gross health hazard and can even glad to advise you and has weight limit and observe the...

  • Page 73: Catalytic Converter

    Do not touch parts of the igni- Risk of fire Tampering with the tion system when the engine control unit of the Temperatures at the exhaust is running. electronic engine- are high. management system Flammable materials Catalytic converter (e.g. hay, leaves, grass, Modification of the If misfiring causes unburned clothing and luggage, etc.)

  • Page 74: Checklist

    ( Firm seating of cases and with a gear engaged. Do not luggage with OE BMW Motorrad engage the clutch until after At regular intervals: Integral ABS: switching on the ignition, Engine oil level (every time as otherwise the engine Switch on ignition.

  • Page 75

    with OE Automatic Stability low 32 °F (0 °C), actuate the in the display. If the engine is started during the test, the Control (ASC): clutch after switching on the ignition. test is canceled. Switch on ignition. Phase 1 Pre-ride check is The start attempt is au- General warning light performed.

  • Page 76

    Phase 2 ASC self-diagnosis BMW Motorrad retailer. Checking the wheel sensors The readiness for operation while starting off. of the BMW Motorrad ASC ABS self-diagnosis ABS warning light flash- is checked by the self- The readiness for operation diagnosis. Self-diagnosis is...

  • Page 77: Running In

    Brake early. preferably an authorized Engine run-in speeds BMW Motorrad retailer. Tires <4000 min Running in New tires have a smooth sur- Do not accelerate at full face. This must be rough- The first 600 miles throttle.

  • Page 78: Driving Offroad

    Always check that the ground A tire pressure reduced For offroad use, you can under the stand is level and for offroad driving leads switch off the BMW Integral firm. to poorer handling of the mo- ABS ( 49). torcycle on paved roads and Switch off the engine.

  • Page 79

    torcycle with the side stand On a grade, the motor- Placing on center stand extended. cycle should always face If the ground is soft or uphill; select 1st gear. Slowly lean the motorcy- uneven, there is no guar- cle to side until its weight Lock steering lock.

  • Page 80: Refueling

    motorcycle would topple as a Do not smoke. Never bring Leaded fuel will destroy result. a naked flame near the fuel the catalytic converter. tank. Do not sit on the motorcycle Use only unleaded fuel. while it is resting on the cen- Fuel expands when ex- Make sure the ground is ter stand.

  • Page 81: Tire Pressure Control

    Tire Pressure Control Recommended fuel type Function 91 ROZ/RON (Regular un- A sensor is located in each leaded (fuel type can be tire, which measures the air used with reduced perfor- temperature and the air pres- mance and consumption)) sure inside the tire and sends these values to the control Usable fuel quantity unit.

  • Page 82: General Brake System

    two sets of wheels with TPC Air pressure within the per- engine's braking effect as well. sensors can be driven. If a missible tolerance. TPC control unit is installed, Air pressure at the limits of Wet brakes however the wheels have no the permissible tolerance.

  • Page 83: Abs Oe

    The poorer the friction The BMW Motorrad Integral immediately because of dirt ABS adapts the braking force coefficient of the road surface or moisture on the disks or...

  • Page 84: Motorrad Integral

    At the same tact to the road. At this point first actuated after this, the time, the clutch should also in time, the BMW Motorrad brake pressure already built be actuated. With the "forced Integral ABS must assume up can be felt earlier than braking"...

  • Page 85: Bmw Motorrad Integral Abs

    What are the design In addition to problems on characteristics of the the BMW Motorrad Integral ABS, unusual driving condi- BMW Motorrad Integral Rear wheel lift tions can also lead to a fault ABS? Even under severe braking, message.

  • Page 86: Engine Management With Bmw Motorrad Asc Oe

    ASC Engine management its maintenance condition. (shifting weight in curves, with BMW Motorrad To ensure that the BMW Mo- loose loads). torrad Integral ABS is in an The offroad mode can be ac- optimally maintained condi- tivated when driving offroad.

  • Page 87

    Even with ASC, physical indicated. The condition for a to the greater slip involved. In fault message is the complet- these cases the BMW Motor- laws cannot be overrid- den. The driver is always re- ed self-diagnosis. rad ASC should be deactivat-...

  • Page 88

    be controlled by the BWM Motorrad ASC.

  • Page 89: Accessories

    Accessories General instructions ... Onboard socket ....Luggage ..... . Case .

  • Page 90: General Instructions

    Your authorized BMW Motor- granted. Tests conducted rad retailer is the right place by these instances cannot to go for genuine BMW parts make provision for all operat- and accessories,other BMW- ing conditions experienced by approved products, and ex-...

  • Page 91: Luggage

    BMW Mo- motorcycle. When driving that they: torrad offers the optional ac- with cases (OA) and/or Top- do not impede the rider cessory "Waterproof Bag"...

  • Page 92: Case Oa

    the optional accessory "Carry- Case lock is unlocked. Closing case ing Handle Set". This optional accessory is also suitable for securing pieces of luggage and the optional accessory "Waterproof Bag" on the cases and the Topcase. Case Opening case Press case lid and latch 2 Pull latch 2 upward as far downward while hooking as possible while pressing...

  • Page 93

    Turn key 1 clockwise. Detach lid retaining cable 1. Hook in lid retaining ca- ble 1. Case lock is locked. Close case lid. Close case lid. Remove key. Open second latch of case lid. Removing case Removing case lid Remove case lid. Open case lid.

  • Page 94

    Case lock is unlocked. Mounting case Press latch 2 outward as far as possible. Place case on lower strut Press in latch 2 as far as Latch engages with an audi- of case carrier so that possible while holding case ble click.

  • Page 95: Topcase Oa

    Remove key. Topcase Topcase when driving offroad When driving offroad, the Topcase should be removed or the back padding available as an optional accessory Pull latch 2 upward as far Press Topcase lid and should be used. as possible while pressing latch 2 downward while Topcase lid downward.

  • Page 96

    Topcase lock is unlocked. Mounting Topcase Turn key 1 clockwise. Topcase lock is locked. Place Topcase on Topcase Press latch 2 downward as Remove key. holder so that hooks 3 are far as possible. located directly behind re- Removing Topcase taining rails 4.

  • Page 97

    sure that motorcycle is not Topcase lock is locked. pushed off center stand. Remove key. Adjustable Topcase holder The Topcase holder can be installed on the luggage rack or in place of the passenger seat. Press Topcase downward until it rests completely on Topcase carrier.

  • Page 98

    or rear accordingly. The Top- case can then be used as a backrest in conjunction with the Topcase padding avail- able as an optional accesso- Converting Topcase bracket Install Topcase holder with desired tilt in holes 1. Installing passenger seat Remove screws 2 on left and right.

  • Page 99: Maintenance

    Maintenance General instructions ... Jump starting ....126 Toolkit ......Battery .

  • Page 100: General Instructions

    Removing and installing turn your authorized BMW Motor- fort. indicator glasses rad retailer. If special tightening torques Replacing tail light/brake...

  • Page 101

    Repair Manual on DVD/CD- 2 1/4" bits Adjusting mirror arm ROM, which is also available 5x Torx, e.g. removing and from your BMW Motorrad re- 8 Oil cap wrench installing rear wheel tailer. Opening and closing cap of 2x Phillips...

  • Page 102: Engine Oil

    4 Flashlight level with the engine cold or after a short trip leads to mis- LED technology interpretations and therefore 5 Socket wrench to incorrect oil fill quantities. To ensure that the display of 3x open-ended wrench, e.g. removing and installing bat- the engine oil level is correct, only check the oil level after a tery terminals...

  • Page 103: General Brake System

    If the oil level is below the ized workshop, preferably by Always make sure that the oil an authorized BMW Motorrad MIN mark: level is correct. retailer. Top up engine oil. Wipe the area around the...

  • Page 104: Brake Pads

    BMW Motor- under certain circumstances wheel and fork tube at rad retailer. to brake damage. brake caliper. In order to ensure the operat- Checking brake ing reliability of the brake sys- operation tem, make sure that the brake pads are not worn beyond Pull the handbrake lever.

  • Page 105

    BMW Motorrad retailer. Checking brake pad thickness at rear Continuing to use brake pads beyond the mini- mum pad thickness leads to reduced braking power and under certain circumstances Visually check brake pad Rear brake pad thick- to brake damage.

  • Page 106: Brake Fluid

    MIN straight-ahead position. mark. (Brake-fluid reser- voir horizontal) If the brake fluid level drops below the permissible level: Have the defect correct- ed as soon as possible by a specialized workshop, preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer.

  • Page 107: Clutch

    This significantly re- BMW Motorrad retailer. duces braking efficiency. Check brake fluid level Clutch regularly. Checking clutch...

  • Page 108: Tires

    Checking clutch fluid preferably an authorized BMW Motorrad retailer. level The clutch system is Make sure the ground is filled with a special hy- level and firm and park the draulic fluid that does not re- motorcycle. quire changing. Move handlebars into straight-ahead position.

  • Page 109: Rims

    Approved wheels and defects. tires Have damaged rims Top speed checked and, if necessary, For every size of tire, BMW The maximum speed replaced by a specialized Motorrad has tested certain specified for the motor- workshop, preferably an makes and approved those it...

  • Page 110

    Use only wheels and tires that is equipped with a TPC with OE BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad has approved sensor. Integral ABS: for your type of motorcycle. On motorcycles equipped Extensive information is with TPC, a corresponding available at your authorized...

  • Page 111

    OE BMW Motorrad Integral ABS: Press brake pads in brake Once the calipers have caliper 5 apart slightly by been removed, there is rocking back and forth A in a risk of the brake pads be- When pulling off left brake relation to brake disks 6.

  • Page 112

    22 mm open-end or tightened to the speci- ring wrench. The adapter with fied torque can work loose or the BMW special tool num- their threads can suffer dam- ber 36 3 691 can be obtained age. from your authorized BMW Always have the tightening Motorrad retailer.

  • Page 113

    ABS sensor wheel and ABS work, parts of the front sensor are not damaged. brake, and in particular of the BMW Integral ABS, can be damaged. Take care not to damage the Raise front wheel, install brake system, in particular the...

  • Page 114

    Remove front wheel stand. Place brake calipers on Before driving off, check that brake disks. the braking effect kicks in with OE BMW Motorrad without any delay. Integral ABS: Squeeze handbrake levers forcefully several times. The pressure point must be clearly perceptible.

  • Page 115: Front Wheel Stand

    A front wheel stand for sim- rear wheel support. ple, safe changing of the front hot. wheel is available from BMW Do not touch hot parts of the Motorrad. The front wheel exhaust system. stand with the BMW special...

  • Page 116

    Place the motorcycle on the center stand or an auxiliary Use locating pins 3 to set stand before lifting it with the front wheel stand to desired BMW Motorrad front wheel height. stand. Center the front wheel stand relative to the front wheel...

  • Page 117: Lamps

    Lamps The bulb is pressurized topple in the course of the operations described below. and can cause injury if General instructions damaged. Make sure that the motorcy- A bulb failure is signaled to Wear eye and hand protection cle is steady on its stand. you in the multifunction dis- when replacing bulbs.

  • Page 118

    Disconnect plug 3. Remove bulb 5. Insert tab 7 of bulb 5 into guide 6. Replace defective bulb. Low-beam headlight bulb H7 / 12 V / 55 W High-beam headlight bulb H7 / 12 V / 55 W Detach top and bottom of spring clip 4 from catch and Insert spring clip 4 into fold to the side.

  • Page 119

    clockwise. Make sure the word TOP is pointing up. Replacing parking light bulb If it is not standing firm- ly, the motorcycle could topple in the course of the operations described below. Make sure that the motorcy- Insert plug 3. Remove bulb holder 1 from cle is steady on its stand.

  • Page 120

    Replace defective bulb. Bulb of tail/brake light P21/5W / 12 V / 5 W / 21 W Insert bulb holder 1 into Remove screws 1. headlight housing. Pull lamp housing 2 toward rear from retaining brackets. Replacing brake and rear light bulb If it is not standing firm- ly, the motorcycle could...

  • Page 121

    Insert lamp housing 2 into Remove screw 1. Remove bulb 2 from light retaining brackets. housing by turning it coun- terclockwise. Install screws 1. Replace defective bulb. Replacing front and rear Bulb of front turn indi- turn indicator bulbs cators If it is not standing firm- ly, the motorcycle could R10W / 12 V / 10 W...

  • Page 122

    Replacing additional Bulb of rear turn indi- headlight bulbs cators If it is not standing firm- with OE White turn ly, the motorcycle could indicators: topple in the course of the operations described below. RY10W / 12 V / 10 W Make sure that the motorcy- cle is steady on its stand.

  • Page 123

    Swivel headlight housing Bulb of additional toward front. headlight with OE Additional headlight: H11 / PGJ 19-2 / 12 V / 55 W Pull lamp housing 5 down- ward out of locking device. Remove four screws 3. Remove lamp cover 4 downward.

  • Page 124

    Swivel headlight housing Removing right side panel toward rear. 125) Press lamp housing 5 into locking device from below. Tighten screw 2. Press together retaining clips 1 at top and bottom Close connector 1. and pull off fuse cover 2 to Adjust headlight so that on- side.

  • Page 125: Air Filter

    Removing driver's seat Removing right side panel 125) Replace fuse 3 for left head- Remove screws 1 and 2. light. Pull knee cover out of Replace fuse 4 for right bracket 3. headlight. Mount fuse cover. Remove the screw 1. Installing right side panel Pull side cover 2 out of 126)

  • Page 126

    Press bottom of air filter in- to air filter housing, making sure not to bend its layers in the process. To do so, press rear of clip Pull out bottom end of air and pull out clip. filter 3. Installing air filter Place intake snorkel 2 against air filter housing.

  • Page 127: Removing Right Side

    Installing right side panel 126) Installing driver's seat Removing right side panel Make sure ground is level and firm and place motorcy- Make sure that the throttle Insert knee cover into cle on its center stand. valve cable is seated in the bracket 3.

  • Page 128: Installing Right Side Panel

    Pull side panel out of brack- socket to jump-start the motorcycle. et 3. Touching live parts of Installing right side the ignition system with panel the engine running can cause electric shock. Do not touch parts of the igni- tion system when the engine is running.

  • Page 129

    If it is not standing firm- Remove protective cap 1 repeating the attempt to protect the starter and the ly, the motorcycle could from positive battery termi- topple in the course of the nal. supporting battery. operations described below. Begin by connecting one Allow both engines to idle for a few minutes before Make sure that the motorcy-...

  • Page 130: Battery

    If you switch on BMW Motorrad has de- Keep the surface of the bat- the ignition and the veloped a trickle-charger tery clean and dry...

  • Page 131: Removing Battery

    Removing battery the motorcycle electronics. motorcycle's electronics. In this case, please charge Use BMW chargers with If it is not standing firm- the battery directly at the the part numbers 71 60 ly, the motorcycle could...

  • Page 132: Installing Battery

    Always observe the proper Make sure the ground is sequence. level and firm and park the motorcycle. Remove battery ground Switch off the ignition. wire 2 first. Place the battery in the bat- Fold open protective cov- tery compartment, positive er 3 for positive battery ter- terminal on the right in the minal.

  • Page 133

    An incorrect installation sequence increases the risk of short-circuiting. Always observe the proper sequence. Never install the battery with- out the protective cap. First attach positive battery cable 4. Install bracket 1 according Slide protective cover 3 for to operating instructions. positive battery terminal into Switch on the ignition.

  • Page 135: Care

    Care Care products ....134 Washing your motorcycle ..134 Cleaning sensitive motorcycle parts ......135 Paint care .

  • Page 136: Care Products

    BMW Motorrad recommends Brake early until the brakes care products available at that you use BMW Insect Re- are dry or braked until dry. your authorized BMW Mo- mover to soften and wash off Warm water intensifies torrad retailer.

  • Page 137: Cleaning Sensitive Motorcycle

    Especially in the case of road the affected areas with a wet sion. This includes in particu- salt, clean aluminum parts cloth. lar: with plenty of water and BMW Windshields and wind de- Windshield auto shampoo. flectors Clean off dirt and insects with...

  • Page 138: Paint Care

    The best way to see whether fuel, oil, grease, brake fluid as the paint has to be protected Treat rubber components with well as bird droppings. BMW is that water no longer forms water or BMW rubber protec- vehicle polish or BMW paint pearls.

  • Page 139: Returning Motorcycle To

    BMW Motorrad retailer.Combine work for storing/returning to use with maintenance service or an inspection. Returning motorcycle to use Remove protective wax coating. Clean the motorcycle. Install a charged battery. Before starting: Observe...

  • Page 141: Technical Data

    Technical data Troubleshooting chart ..140 Threaded fasteners ... 141 Engine ..... . . 142 Riding specifications .

  • Page 142: Chart

    Troubleshooting chart Engine does not start at all or is very difficult to start. Possible cause Remedy Emergency ON/OFF switch activated. Emergency ON/OFF switch in operating posi- tion. Side stand extended and gear engaged. Retract side stand ( 72). Gear engaged and clutch not operated. Place transmission in neutral or disengage clutch ( 72).

  • Page 143: Threaded Fasteners

    Threaded fasteners Front wheel Value Valid Brake caliper on slider tube M8 x 32 10.9 22 lb/ft (30 Nm) Clamping screw for quick-release axle M8 x 35 14 lb/ft (19 Nm) Quick-release axle in axle mount M24 x 1.5 37 lb/ft (50 Nm) Rear wheel Value Valid...

  • Page 144: Engine

    Mirrors Value Valid Mirror on clamping piece 18 lb/ft (25 Nm) Clamping piece on clamping block 22 lb/ft (30 Nm) Engine Type Engine design Longitudinally mounted four-stroke opposed twin with one overhead camshaft each, air- cooled with oil-cooled exhaust section and electronic engine management Technical data Effective displacement...

  • Page 145

    Maximum torque 85 lb/ft (115 Nm), At: 5500 min Permissible maximum engine speed 7800 min ±50 Idle speed 1150 Fuel Recommended fuel type 95 ROZ/RON, Super unleaded 91 ROZ/RON, Regular unleaded (fuel type can be used with reduced performance and consumption) Usable fuel quantity 8.7 gal (33 l)

  • Page 146

    Engine oils of the ACEA classifica- tion A2 or better. BMW Motorrad recom- mends not using synthetic oils for the first 6,000 miles (10,000 km). Ask your BMW Mo- torrad retailer for engine oils suitable for your motorcycle. Permissible viscosity classes SAE 5 W- 30 -4...68 °F (-20...20 °C), Operation at low tem-...

  • Page 147: Riding Specifications

    Riding specifications Speeds Top speed >124 mph (>200 km/h) Clutch Clutch design Single dry plate with high-leverage pressure plate Transmission Transmission design Helical 6-speed transmission with integrated torsional vibration damper, claw shifting via sliding sleeves Gear ratios Transmission gear ratios 1.824 (31:17 teeth), Primary gear ratio 2.277 (41:18 teeth), 1st gear 1.583 (38:24 teeth), 2nd gear...

  • Page 148: Rear-wheel Drive

    Shaft drive with bevel gears Gear ratio of rear-wheel drive 2.82:1 Running gear Front suspension design BMW Telelever, upper fork bridge tilt decou- pled, leading link mounted in engine and on telescopic fork, centrally positioned spring strut supported on leading link and main frame Total suspension travel of front suspension 8.3 in (210 mm), On wheel...

  • Page 149: Brakes

    Brakes Front wheel brake Front-wheel brake design Hydraulic two-disk brake with 4-piston fixed calipers and floating brake disks Front brake-pad material Sintered metal Rear wheel brake Rear brake design Hydraulic disk brake with 2-piston floating caliper and fixed brake disk Friction material of rear brake pad Organic Wheels and tires...

  • Page 150: Electrical System

    Tire pressures Front tire pressure 31.9 psi (2.2 bar), Single rider, with cold tire 36.3 psi (2.5 bar), Driver with passenger and/ or load, with cold tire Rear tire pressure 36.3 psi (2.5 bar), Single rider, with cold tire 42.1 psi (2.9 bar), Driver with passenger and/ or load, with cold tire Electrical system Rated load of onboard socket...

  • Page 151

    Battery Battery design AGM (Absorptive Glass Matt) battery Battery nominal voltage 12 V Battery nominal capacity 14 Ah Spark plugs Spark plug manufacturer and designation Bosch YR5LDE NGK DCPR 8 EKC ±0.01 ±0.1 Spark-plug electrode gap 0.03 in (0.8 mm), New 0.04 in (1 mm), Wear limit Secondary spark plug manufacturer and des- Bosch YR5LDE...

  • Page 152: Frame

    with OE White turn indicators: RY10W / 12 V / 10 W Bulb of rear turn indicators R10W / 12 V / 10 W with OE White turn indicators: RY10W / 12 V / 10 W Bulb of additional headlight with OE Additional headlight: H11 / PGJ 19-2 / 12 V / 55 W Frame...

  • Page 153: Dimensions

    Dimensions Motorcycle length 88.6 in (2250 mm) Vehicle width 37.6 in (955 mm), Across mirrors with OA Case: 39 in (991 mm), Across case Motorcycle height 57.9 in (1470 mm), DIN unladen weight; with- out mirrors, windshield down Driver's seat height (- at unladen weight) 35.8 in (910 mm), Top position 35 in (890 mm), Bottom position Weights...

  • Page 155: Service

    Service BMW Motorrad service ..154 BMW Motorrad service quality ..... . . 154...

  • Page 156: Bmw Motorrad Service

    You can contact your autho- outstanding quality of service. money in the long run. rized BMW Motorrad retailer To ensure that your BMW is for information on the proce- always in optimum condition, dures included in BMW ser- BMW Motorrad recommends...

  • Page 157: Bmw Motorrad Service Card - On-the-spot Breakdown Assistance

    BMW Motorrad service must be performed after a certain time, others depend network With all new BMW motorcy- on the distance covered by cles, the BMW Motorrad Ser- With its worldwide service the motorcycle. vice Card protects you in the...

  • Page 158: Maintenance Schedules

    (30,000 km, 50,000 the distance it has covered. km, 70,000 km etc.)) if this Your authorized BMW Motor- distance is covered within a rad retailer will be happy to year. supply a copy of the current...

  • Page 159: Confirmation Of Maintenance Work

    Confirmation of maintenance work BMW Pre-Delivery BMW Running-In Check Check Carried out properly in Carried out properly in accordance with work- accordance with work- shop specifications. shop specifications. Odometer reading Brake fluid changed Date, stamp, signature Date, stamp, signature...

  • Page 160

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- spection spection spection BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Inspection BMW Inspection BMW Inspection Carried out properly in Carried out properly in Carried out properly in...

  • Page 161

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- spection spection spection BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Inspection BMW Inspection BMW Inspection Carried out properly in Carried out properly in Carried out properly in...

  • Page 162

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- spection spection spection BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Inspection BMW Inspection BMW Inspection Carried out properly in Carried out properly in Carried out properly in...

  • Page 163

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- BMW Annual In- spection spection spection BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service BMW Inspection BMW Inspection BMW Inspection Carried out properly in Carried out properly in Carried out properly in...

  • Page 164: Service

    Confirmation of service The table is intended as proof of maintenance, warranty and repair work, the installed optional accessories and any special campaign (recall) work carried out. Work carried out Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 165

    Work carried out Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 166

    Brake fluid Opening, 90 Abbreviations and symbols, 6 Checking front brake fluid Removing, 91 ABS, 15 level, 104 Removing lid, 91 Accessories Checking rear brake fluid Checklist, 72 General instructions, 88 level, 105 Clock, 20 Additional headlight Front fluid level, 13 Adjusting, 17, 45 Switching off, 58 Rear fluid level, 13...

  • Page 167

    Engine Front suspension preload Headlight Engine-electronics warning Adjusting, 64 Adjusting, 11 indicator, 24 Front wheel stand, 113 Adjusting for RHD/LHD Starting, 72 traffic, 58 Fuel Quantity indicator, 20 Technical data, 142 Adjusting headlight Refueling, 78 range, 58 Temperature display, 20 Reserve-quantity warning Headlight flasher, 15 Engine oil...

  • Page 168

    Lights Keys, 40, 42 Odometer and tripmeters, 20 Switching off parking Resetting tripmeter, 44 lights, 57 Selecting readings, 43 Switching on high-beam Lamps Onboard computer headlight, 56 Bulb-defect warning Ambient temperature, 47 Switching on low-beam indicator, 26, 27 Average consumption, 48 headlight, 56 general instructions, 115 Average speed, 47...

  • Page 169

    Rear suspension preload Spark plugs Tire pressures, 4, 148 Adjusting, 13, 63 Technical data, 149 Transmission, 145 Rear-wheel drive Speedometer, 17 Wheels and tires, 147 Technical data, 146 Spring preload Tire Pressure Control Refueling, 78 Operation, 44 Adjusting, 63, 64 Sticker on wheel rim, 108 Reserve Starter, 16...

  • Page 170

    Transmission During starting, 72 Technical data, 145 Troubleshooting chart, 140 Turn indicators Left, 15 Right, 16 Switching off, 16, 60 Switching on left, 59 Switching on right, 59 Warning indicators, 20 Display, 21 Warning lamps, 17 Wheels Installing front wheel, 110 Installing rear wheel, 113 Removing front wheel, 108 Removing rear wheel, 112...

  • Page 171

    The right to modify designs, equipment and accessories is reserved. Errors and omissions except- © 2006 BMW Motorrad Not to be reproduced either wholly or in part without writ- ten permission from BMW Motorrad, After Sales.

  • Page 172

    Rear tire pressure 36.3 psi (2.5 bar), Single rider, with cold tire 42.1 psi (2.9 bar), Driver with passenger and/or load, with cold tire *01477706237* BMW recommends *01477706237* Order No.: 01 47 7 706 237 06.2006, 2nd Edition...

  • Page 173

    Please attach this sticker to the inside back cover page of your Rider’s Manual Reporting Safety Defects individual problems between you, your dealer, or BMW of North If you believe that your vehicle has America, LCC. a defect which could cause a crash...

  • Page 174

    – the handlebar lever can easily shop, preferably by an autho- dlebar lever") be moved forward out of the rized BMW Motorrad retailer. • Always check the smooth rest position. movement of the clutch and brake lever before driving off.

  • Page 175

    BMW Motorrad Order No: 01 49 7 714 317 04/2008...

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