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Rider's Manual
R 1200 GS Adventure
BMW Motorrad
The Ultimate Riding


Table Of Contents

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  • Page 1

    Rider's Manual R 1200 GS Adventure BMW Motorrad The Ultimate Riding Machine...

  • Page 2

    Motorcycle data/dealership details Motorcycle data Dealership details Model Person to contact in Service department Ms/Mr Vehicle identification number Colour code Phone number Date of first registration Dealership address/phone number (com- Registration number pany stamp)

  • Page 3

    We congratulate you on your choice of a motorcycle from We hope that you will enjoy rid- BMW and welcome you to the ing your BMW and that all your community of BMW riders. journeys will be pleasant and Familiarise yourself with your new safe.

  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Standard warnings ... 22 Technical data ....7 BMW Motorrad Integral Warnings issued by the on- .

  • Page 5

    Wheels ..... 111 Brake system with BMW Mo- Engine oil ....146 Front-wheel stand .

  • Page 6

    11 Service ....157 BMW Motorrad service ..158 BMW Motorrad service quality ..... . 158...

  • Page 7: General Instructions

    General instructions Overview ......6 Abbreviations and symbols ... 6 Equipment .

  • Page 8: Overview

    BMW optional ex- overview of your motorcycle. All tras originally ordered. Indicates the end of an maintenance and repair work on item of information.

  • Page 9: Equipment

    This Deutsche Institut für Normung Rider's Manual describes option- e.V. Versions for individual al extras (OE) offered by BMW countries may differ. and selected optional accessor- Currency ies (OA). This explains why the...

  • Page 11: General Views

    General views General view, left side ....11 General view, right side ....13 Underneath the seat .

  • Page 13: General View, Left Side

    General view, left side Clutch-fluid reservoir 109) Adjuster for headlight beam throw (underneath the in- strument cluster) ( Adjuster for damping char- acteristic, rear suspension Seat lock ( Power socket ( Engine oil level indicator 103) Engine-oil filler neck 104) Adjuster, spring preload, front ( Socket (OA) (...

  • Page 15: General View, Right Side

    General view, right side Fuel filler neck ( Vehicle Identification Num- ber (VIN) on steering-head bearing Brake-fluid reservoir, front 105) Air filter (underneath tank cover) ( 127) Adjustable footbrake lever Adjuster for spring preload, rear ( Brake-fluid reservoir, rear 109)

  • Page 16: Underneath The Seat

    Underneath the seat Battery ( 131) Rider's Manual Toolkit ( 102) Puncture repair lit (OA) un- derneath toolkit Helmet holder (...

  • Page 17: Handlebar Fitting, Left

    Handlebar fitting, left Operating the odometer 45), Operating the on- board computer Operating ASC Operating the ABS Horn Flashing turn indicators, left ( 53), Hazard warn- ing flashers ( Headlight flasher and high- beam headlight (...

  • Page 18: Handlebar Fitting, Right

    Handlebar fitting, right Emergency off switch (kill switch) ( Starter button ( Flashing turn indicators, right ( 53), Hazard warn- ing flashers ( Cancel button, flashing turn indicators ( 54), Pushbut- ton, cancel hazard warning flashers ( Grip heating...

  • Page 19: Instrument Cluster

    Instrument cluster Speedometer Rev. counter Telltale lights ( Multifunction display Telltale light, anti-theft alarm (OE) and sensor for instru- ment lighting Select readings ( Reset the tripmeter ( Set the clock ( The instrument-cluster lighting has automatic day and night switchover.

  • Page 20: Headlight

    Headlight Low-beam headlight High-beam headlight Side light...

  • Page 21: Status Indicators

    Status indicators Standard status indicators ... 20 Status indicators with on-board com- puter ......21 Status indicators with tyre-pressure monitoring (RDC) .

  • Page 22: Standard Status Indicators

    Standard status Telltale lights Gear indicator indicators The gear engaged or for neutral appears on the Multifunction display display. If no gear is engaged, the 'neutral' telltale light also lights up. Engine temperature The horizontal bars below the temperature symbol Flashing turn indicators, left indicate the engine temperature.

  • Page 23: Status Indicators With On-board Computer Oe

    If you want to have the date set of the forecast due date. If the consult a specialist workshop, countdown distance to the odo- preferably an authorised BMW meter reading at which a service Motorrad dealer. will be due is less than 1000 km,...

  • Page 24: Status Indicators With Tyre-pressure Monitoring (rdc) Oe

    Status indicators Standard warnings The possible warnings are listed on the next page. with tyre-pressure Mode of presentation monitoring (RDC) Warnings are indicated by the 'General' warning light 1 show- Tyre pressures alternate ing in combination with a warning with the clock; if the motor- word, for example 2 or in com- cycle is fitted with an on- bination with one of the warning...

  • Page 25

    Warnings, overview Meaning Lights up yellow appears on Electronic immobiliser active ( EWS ! the display. appears Lights up yellow Fuel down to reserve ( FUEL ! on the display. Lights up yellow Appears on the dis- Engine in emergency-operation mode play Flashes red Appears on the dis-...

  • Page 26

    Have the defective key re- Have the fault rectified as placed, preferably by an au- General warning light shows quickly as possible by a thorised BMW Motorrad dealer. yellow. specialist workshop, preferably Engine symbol appears on an authorised BMW Motorrad Fuel down to reserve the display.

  • Page 27

    You can continue to ride until specialist workshop, preferably the battery is discharged. Bear The oil pressure in the lube-oil an authorised BMW Motorrad in mind, however, that the en- system is too low. Stop immedi- dealer. gine could cut out suddenly ately and switch off the engine.

  • Page 28: Warnings Issued By The On-board Computer Oe

    Warnings issued by the soon as possible; always carry a Replacing parking-light bulb complete set of spare bulbs if 121) on-board computer possible. Replacing turn indicator bulbs, Mode of presentation front and rear ( 123) Rear light or brake light bulb de- fective.

  • Page 29

    Warnings, overview Meaning Appears on the dis- Engine-oil level too low ( play Check Oil pears on the dis- play. Appears on the dis- Ice warning ( play...

  • Page 30: Abs Status Indicators Oe

    The detailed descriptions relating Seek the advice of a specialist to BMW Motorrad Integral ABS workshop, preferably an author- start on page ( 84), and you ised BMW Motorrad dealer.

  • Page 31

    possible warnings on the next page.

  • Page 32

    Warnings, overview Meaning Flashes Self-diagnosis not completed ( Lights up ABS deactivated ( Lights up ABS fault (...

  • Page 33: Asc Status Indicators Oe

    'General' warning light 1. an authorised BMW Motorrad The detailed descriptions relating dealer. The rider has switched off the to BMW Motorrad ASC start on ABS system. page ( 86), and you will find with OE BMW Motorrad Integral an overview listing the possible ABS: warnings on the next page.

  • Page 34

    Warnings, overview Meaning Appears on the dis- ASC intervention ( Quick-flashes yel- play Quick-flashes yel- Appears on the dis- Off-road ASC intervention ( play Slow-flashes Self-diagnosis not completed ( Slow-flashes Self-diagnosis in off-road mode not completed ( Appears on the dis- ASC deactivated ( play Lights up yellow...

  • Page 35

    ASC intervention flashes for longer than ASC in- Self-diagnosis did not complete, tervention lasts. This affords the so the ASC function is not avail- General warning light quick- rider visual feedback on control able. The engine must be run- flashes yellow. intervention even after the critical ning and the motorcycle must ASC symbol appears on...

  • Page 36: Rdc Status Indicators Oe

    RDC status ASC fault The detailed descriptions relating to BMW Motorrad RDC start on General warning light shows indicators page ( 88), and you will find yellow. Mode of presentation an overview listing the possible ASC symbol appears on warnings on the next page.

  • Page 37

    Warnings, overview Meaning Lights up yellow Tyre pressure close to limit of permitted tolerance ( the critical tyre pressure flashes. Flashes red Tyre pressure outside permitted toler- ance ( the critical tyre pressure flashes. Signal transmission disrupted ( " " or " "...

  • Page 38

    The critical tyre pressure flashes. workshop, preferably an General warning light Measured tyre pressure is close authorised BMW Motorrad flashes red. to the limit of permitted toler- dealer. ance. Tyre symbol appears on If you are unsure whether the Correct the tyre pressure as the display.

  • Page 39

    Increase speed above this specialist workshop, preferably toms. Under these circum- threshold and observe the RDC an authorised BMW Motorrad stances: readings. Assume that a per- dealer. Have the fault rectified by a manent fault has not occurred...

  • Page 40: Anti-theft Alarm Status Indicators Oe

    Seek the advice of a specialist workshop, preferably an author- ised BMW Motorrad dealer. Anti-theft alarm warnings appear as plain-text warnings 2 in com- bination with the 'General' warn- ing light 1 showing after the Pre-...

  • Page 41

    Warnings, overview Meaning appears Anti-theft alarm battery weak ( DWALO ! on the display. appears on Lights up yellow Anti-theft alarm battery flat ( DWA ! the display.

  • Page 42

    Seek the advice of a specialist The integral battery in the anti- workshop, preferably an author- theft alarm has lost a significant ised BMW Motorrad dealer. proportion of its original capa- city. There is no assurance of how long the anti-theft alarm can remain operational if the motor- cycle's battery is disconnected.

  • Page 43: Operation

    ..... . . 56 Helmet holder ..... . . 69 BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ..56 Automatic Stability Control .

  • Page 44: Ignition Switch And Steering Lock

    Pre-ride check is performed. Topcase: If you wish you can arrange to have the cases and the top- with OE BMW Motorrad Integral case fitted with locks that can Turn the key to position 2. ABS: be opened with this key as well.

  • Page 45: Electronic Immobiliser

    On level ground, always turn the You can also have your author- multifunction display. handlebars to the left to set the ised BMW Motorrad dealer bar steering lock.

  • Page 46: Clock

    Replacement and extra keys You can obtain replacement/extra keys only through an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. The keys are part of an integrated secur- ity system, so the dealer is un- Alternatively, repeatedly press der an obligation to check the...

  • Page 47: Odometer And Tripmeters

    Odometer and with OE On-board computer or with OE Tyre-pressure control tripmeters (RDC): Selecting readings Switch on the ignition. Hold down the button. Hours reading 3 flashes. Press the button. The hours reading increments Repeatedly press button 2 until by one each time you press the clock appears on the dis- the button.

  • Page 48: Resetting Tripmeter

    Resetting tripmeter Tripmeter 1 ( Trip I Tripmeter 2 ( Trip II Switch on the ignition. Residual range (once fuel level Select the desired tripmeter. is down to reserve) with OE On-board computer or with OE Tyre-pressure control (RDC): Alternatively, press button 2. Press and hold down button 1.

  • Page 49: Residual Range

    Residual range with OE On-board computer or with OE Tyre-pressure control (RDC): If you prefer, you can use but- ton 2 for this purpose. Residual-range reading appears The tripmeter is reset to zero. accompanied by the word Press and hold down button 1. and indicates how far RANGE you can ride with the fuel remain-...

  • Page 50: On-board Computer Oe

    The calculated range is an approximate value. Con- Press button 1. sequently, BMW Motorrad re- commends that you should not try to use the full residual range before refuelling. On-board computer When the motorcycle is at a...

  • Page 51: Average Speed

    Resetting average speed Average consumption If ambient temperature drops below 3 °C a warn- ing appears, drawing your atten- tion to the risk of black ice form- ing. The display automatically switches from any other mode to the temperature reading when the temperature drops below this threshold for the first time.

  • Page 52

    ( 47) also cov- an approximate reading. ers the range readout. You can Consequently, BMW Motorrad also view range 1 before the fuel recommends that you should not level drops to reserve. A special try to use the full range before average-consumption figure is refuelling.

  • Page 53: Tyre Pressure Monitoring Rdc Oe

    Engine idling for at least 10 even though the oil level in the seconds. oil sight glass is correct. In this case, consult your authorised Side stand retracted. BMW Motorrad dealer. Make sure the motorcycle is upright.

  • Page 54: Lights

    Lights High-beam headlight and headlight flasher Side light The side lights switch on auto- matically when the ignition is switched on. The side lights place a strain on the battery. Do not switch the ignition on for longer than absolutely The tyre pressures are shown, necessary.

  • Page 55: Turn Indicators

    Switching on parking Supplementary The turn indicators are can- celled automatically after lights headlight you have ridden for approxim- Switch off the ignition. ately 10 seconds, or covered a distance of about 200 m. Press the bottom section of switch 1. Immediately after switching Auxiliary headlights switched off the ignition, press and hold...

  • Page 56: Hazard Warning Flashers

    Cancelling turn indicators The turn indicators are can- warning flashers for longer than celled automatically after absolutely necessary. you have ridden for approxim- If you press a turn-indicat- ately 10 seconds, or covered a or button with the ignition distance of about 200 m. switched on, the turn-indicator function is activated instead of the hazard warning flashers, and...

  • Page 57: Emergency Off Switch

    Emergency off switch The hazard warning flashers are switched on. (kill switch) Left and right turn indicator telltale lights flash. Switch off the ignition. The hazard warning flashers continue to operate. Left and right turn indicator telltale lights are off. A Normal operating position Switching off hazard (run)

  • Page 58: Grip Heating Oe

    Release the ABS button within stage heating. Grip heating can five seconds. be activated only when the en- BMW Motorrad Integral ABS warning light remains gine is running. The increase in power con- Deactivating ABS function sumption caused by the...

  • Page 59: Automatic Stability Control Asc Oe

    Response with ABS Activating ABS function If you switch the ignition off then on again and the ABS deactivated light comes back on, there is a If you deactivate the ABS, the fault in the ABS. function is initially disabled for the front wheel only.

  • Page 60

    Three-step sequence of ASC ASC symbol appears on pushbutton operations: the display. Switch from ASC to off-road Release the ASC button within three seconds. Deactivate ASC ASC symbol continues to Activate ASC show. Switching and The ASC function is deactiv- deactivating ASC function ated.

  • Page 61: Seat Height

    When the ASC symbol goes Turn the front seat upside out or starts to flash, release down. the ASC button within three seconds. ASC symbol does not show; if self-diagnosis has not completed the ASC symbol continues to flash. The ASC function is activated. The front seat can work Instead of pressing the ASC loose and wobble if the two...

  • Page 62: Windscreen

    Windscreen Clutch The adjusting screw is indexed and is easier to Adjusting windscreen Adjusting clutch lever turn if you push the clutch lever If the position of the clutch forward. fluid reservoir is changed, Span between handlebar grip air can enter the clutch system. and clutch lever increases.

  • Page 63

    Adjustable footbrake lever brake lever unless the motorcycle is at a standstill. You can adjust the footbrake lever for riding seated or stand- ing on the footrest pegs. Position of the footbrake lever for riding standing on the pegs. Turn adjusting screw 1 clock- Adjusting footbrake lever wise.

  • Page 64: Shift Lever

    Turn the mirror to the correct the peg is set either too high or position. too low. If you have difficulties shifting gear consult a specialist workshop, preferably an author- ised BMW Motorrad dealer. Tighten screw 1 to the spe- cified tightening torque.

  • Page 65: Spring Preload

    Adjusting mirror arm Push the protective cap over the threaded fastener. Spring preload Adjustment for front suspension It is essential to set spring pre- load of the front suspension to suit the terrain. Increase spring If you want to reduce spring preload for riding in rough terrain preload, use the tool from the Push the protective cap up...

  • Page 66: Damping

    If you want to reduce spring Spring preload at front preload, turn knob 1 in the dir- wheel ection indicated by the LOW arrow. Spring preload at setting 3 (For riding on gravel tracks Basic setting of spring and similar and with load) preload, rear Spring preload at setting 5 Turn the knob as far as it...

  • Page 67: Tyres

    quires firmer damping, a reduc- Adjust the damping character- Basic setting of rear-sus- tion in spring preload requires istic, using the tool from the pension damping charac- softer damping. on-board toolkit to turn adjust- teristic ing screw 1. Adjusting damping for Turn the adjusting screw as rear wheel far as it will go in the dir-...

  • Page 68: Headlight

    Tyre pressure, rear cycle on its stand. Have the headlight set accord- ingly by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW 2.5 bar (one-up, tyre cold) Motorrad dealer. 2.9 bar (two-up and/or with Commercially available ad-...

  • Page 69: Front And Rear Seats

    Consult a specialist work- justment shop, preferably an au- Removing rear seat Spring preload adjustment might thorised BMW Motorrad deal- not suffice if the motorcycle is Make sure the ground is level er, if you are unsure whether very heavily loaded. Moving...

  • Page 70

    Installing front seat Turn key 1 clockwise in the Turn key 1 counter-clockwise seat lock, while pressing down in the seat lock, while press- Engage front seat 3 in the front part of rear seat 2. ing down the rear part of front mounts 4.

  • Page 71: Helmet Holder

    slightly forward and then press motorcycle is stable and firmly the seat firmly down. supported. The front seat engages with an Push down firmly on the rear audible click. seat, applying pressure to the Install the rear seat ( front of the seat. The rear seat engages with an Installing rear seat audible click.

  • Page 73: Riding

    Riding Safety instructions ....72 Checklist ......73 Starting .

  • Page 74: Safety Instructions

    Do not exceed the permissible fatal consequences. year. Your authorised BMW Mo- gross weight and be sure to Do not inhale exhaust fumes. torrad dealer will be glad to ad-...

  • Page 75: Checklist

    Catalytic converter Risk of fire Tampering with the engine control unit If misfiring causes unburned fuel Temperatures at the exhaust are to enter the catalytic converter, high. Tampering with the engine there is a danger of overheating control unit can damage Flammable materials (e.g.

  • Page 76: Starting

    Pre-ride check is performed. the side stand. Brake-fluid levels, front and rear Clutch Gearbox with OE BMW Motorrad Integral Clutch fluid level ABS: You can start the engine when Shock absorber setting and the gearbox is in neutral or if you Switch on the ignition.

  • Page 77: Pre-ride Check

    General warning light shows switching on the ignition. red. ABS self-diagnosis The start attempt is auto- appears on the dis- BMW Motorrad Integral ABS per- CHECK! matically interrupted if bat- play. forms self-diagnosis to ensure tery voltage is too low. Recharge its operability.

  • Page 78

    Test of the diagnosis-compat- Possible national variant of specialist workshop, preferably ible system components while the ABS warning light. an authorised BMW Motorrad the motorcycle is on the move. dealer. ASC symbol slow-flashes. Phase 2 ASC self-diagnosis...

  • Page 79: Running In

    Tyres specialist workshop, preferably Running-in speed an authorised BMW Motorrad New tyres have a smooth sur- dealer. face. This must be roughened by riding in a restrained manner at <4000 min Running in various heel angles until the tyres No full-load acceleration.

  • Page 80: Brakes

    Deactivatable ABS at the front wheel. Remember until the brakes have been to pull the clutch at the same You can deactivate the BMW cleaned. time. In the "panic braking situ- Motorrad Integral ABS for off- The brake pads will wear ations"...

  • Page 81: Parking Your Motorcycle

    Descending mountain Salt on brakes moisture on the discs or brake pads. passes The brakes may fail to take Apply the brakes in good time effect immediately if the There is a danger of the until the brakes have been motorcycle was ridden on salt- brakes fading if you use cleaned.

  • Page 82

    Switch off the engine. the handlebars turned to the Hold the motorcycle upright right. and balanced. Pull the handbrake lever. On level ground, always turn the Hold the motorcycle upright An extended side stand can handlebars to the left to set the and balanced.

  • Page 83: Refuelling

    Removing motorcycle With your right hand, grip the Do not fill the tank past the bot- rear grab handle or the rear tom edge of the filler neck. from centre stand frame. Unlock the steering lock. Fuel attacks plastics, which Use your right foot on the pin Place your left hand on the left become dull or unsightly.

  • Page 84

    tank past the bottom edge of the filler neck. Recommended fuel grade 95 ROZ/RON (Super un- leaded) 91 ROZ/RON (Regular unleaded (fuel grade, Open the protective cap. usable with power- and Open the fuel tank cap with consumption-related the ignition key by turning it restrictions)) counter-clockwise.

  • Page 85: Engineering Details

    Engineering details Brake system with BMW Motorrad Integral ABS ..... . 84 Electronic engine management with BMW Motorrad ASC ....86 Tyre pressure monitoring .

  • Page 86: Brake System With Bmw Mo- Torrad Integral Abs Oe

    ABS has to reduce braking force distance. While the brakes are slowing the to ensure that directional sta- motorcycle, the BMW Motorrad If the rider increases braking bility is maintained when the Integral ABS adapts braking-force pressure to the extent that brak-...

  • Page 87

    Within the limits imposed by rider receive from the lock up until very late, if at all. physics, the BMW Motorrad In- BMW Motorrad Integral Consequently, ABS does not in- tegral ABS ensures directional ABS? tervene until very late, if at all.

  • Page 88: Electronic Engine Manage- Ment With Bmw Motorrad Asc Oe

    Motorrad ASC of maintenance. iary stand, engine idling or with In order to ensure that the BMW How does ASC work? a gear engaged. Motorrad ABS is always main- The BMW Motorrad ASC com-...

  • Page 89

    Motorrad ASC? ity for assessing road and traffic messages can be issued. BMW Motorrad ASC is designed conditions and adopting his or The BMW Motorrad ASC can as an assistant system for the her style of riding accordingly.

  • Page 90: Tyre Pressure Monitoring

    The BWM Motorrad ASC is un- is achieved. Under these trate four sensors, so two dif- able to control a situation of this circumstances, BMW Motorrad ferent sets of wheels with RDC nature. ASC should be deactivated. sensors can be alternated on Tyre pressure the motorcycle.

  • Page 91

    stations and motorway service areas almost invariably show temperature-dependent tyre pressures, so in most instances these gauge readings will not tally with the readings shown by the multifunction display. Tyre-pressure ranges The RDC control unit differenti- ates between three tyre-pressure ranges, all of which are paramet- erised for the motorcycle: Tyre pressure within permitted...

  • Page 93: Accessories

    Accessories General instructions ....92 Power socket ......92 Luggage .

  • Page 94: General Instructions

    Tests conducted by for your motorcycle that are ap- these instances cannot make proved by BMW for this purpose. provision for all operating con- Genuine BMW parts and ac- ditions experienced by BMW mo-...

  • Page 95: Luggage

    BMW Motorrad recom- do not impede the rider against the aluminium. BMW mends limiting top speed to 180 do not restrict or obstruct the Motorrad offers a "watertight...

  • Page 96: Case Oa

    Set of carry handles Closing cases You can open the lid of the case at either catch. Your authorised BMW Motor- rad dealer can supply a "set of The case is unlocked. carry handles" as an optional ac- cessory to make the cases and topcase easier to carry.

  • Page 97

    Turn key 1 clockwise. Disengage retainer 1. Engage retainer 1. The case lock is engaged. Close the case lid. Close the case lid. Remove the key. Open the second catch of the Removing cases case lid. Removing case lid Remove the case lid. Open the lid.

  • Page 98

    Installing case The case is unlocked. Press catch 2 out as far as it will go. Position the case on the bot- Push catch 2 in as far as it will The catch engages with an tom rail of the case carrier in go, while holding the case.

  • Page 99: Topcase Oa

    Remove the key. Topcase Topcase and off-roading It is advisable to either remove the topcase or fit the backrest cushion available as an optional extra if you intend off-roading. Opening topcase Pull catch 2 up as far as it will Push topcase lid and catch 2 go, while pressing down on the down, engaging the catch hook...

  • Page 100

    Installing topcase The topcase is locked. Remove the key. Removing topcase Press catch 2 down as far as it will go. Position the topcase on the topcase mount in such a way that hooks 3 are just behind Turn key 1 counter-clockwise. rails 4.

  • Page 101

    to push the motorcycle forward The topcase is locked. off its centre stand. Remove the key. Adjustable topcase mount The topcase mount can be in- stalled on the luggage carrier or instead of the rear seat. Press the topcase down until it is seated flat on the topcase carrier.

  • Page 102

    cushion available as an optional accessory. Repositioning topcase mount Install the topcase mounts at the desired angle in holes 1. Remove screws 2 on left and right. Remove the rear seat (...

  • Page 103: Maintenance

    Maintenance General instructions ....102 Jump starting ..... . 130 Toolkit .

  • Page 104: General Instructions

    Your authorised BMW Motor- indicator glass your motorcycle, which is avail- rad dealer can provide the on- Disconnecting leads from bat- able from your authorised BMW board toolkit service kit that you tery terminals Motorrad dealer. will need if you are considering undertaking more extensive work.

  • Page 105: Engine Oil

    4 Electric torch Checking the oil level with the engine cold or after no more than LED bulb a short ride will lead to misinter- 5 Socket pretation; this in turn, means that the engine will be operated with 3x open-ended spanner, for the incorrect quantity of oil.

  • Page 106: Topping Up Engine Oil

    BMW Motorrad dealer. Topping up engine oil Check the engine oil level 103) Check the oil level in oil-level Engine oil level indicator 1. The insufficient oil pres- Between MIN and MAX sure warning does not fulfil the function of an oil gauge. The...

  • Page 107: Brake System, General

    Brake pads worn past workshop, preferably an author- the minimum permissible Use the tool from the toolkit to ised BMW Motorrad dealer. brake-pad thickness can cause install the cap in the engine-oil a reduction in braking efficiency filler neck.

  • Page 108

    (grooves) must be clearly cycle on its stand. visible. If the wear indicating mark is no longer clearly visible: Have the brake pads replaced by a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

  • Page 109

    If the brake disc is visible: One ring visible: brake-pad Have the brake pads replaced thickness is at least 25 % by a specialist workshop, No rings visible: brake pads preferably an authorised BMW worn to wear limit; check as Motorrad dealer. described above...

  • Page 110: Brake Fluid

    MIN straight-ahead position. mark. (Brake-fluid reservoir horizontal) If the brake fluid level drops be- low the permitted level: Have the defect rectified as quickly as possible by a spe- cialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer.

  • Page 111: Clutch

    A low fluid level in the an authorised BMW Motorrad brake reservoir can allow air dealer. to penetrate the brake system. This significantly reduces braking Clutch efficiency.

  • Page 112: Tyres

    BMW Motorrad dealer. The clutch system is filled with a special hydraulic fluid that does not have to be changed. Tyres Check the clutch fluid level in Checking tyre tread depth Clutch fluid level reservoir 1.

  • Page 113: Rims

    If the tyre tread is worn to minim- Recommended tyres and firm and place the motor- cycle on its stand. For each size of tyre BMW Mo- Replace tyre or tyres, as applic- Visually inspect the rims for torrad tests and classifies as able.

  • Page 114: Removing Front Wheel

    Removing front wheel Make sure the ground is level and firm and place the motor- cycle on its centre stand. with OE BMW Motorrad Integral Once the calipers have ABS: been removed, there is Incorrect tyre-removal pro- a risk of the brake pads being...

  • Page 115

    22 open- brake calipers. BMW Motorrad recommends end or ring spanner. The BMW the BMW Motorrad front-wheel special tool number is 36 3 691 stand for lifting the motorcycle. and the adapter is available from...

  • Page 116: Installing Front Wheel

    OE BMW Motorrad Integral Always have the security of the ABS: fasteners checked by a specialist When installing the wheel, take...

  • Page 117

    OE BMW Motorrad Integral ABS: Raise the front wheel, install Install securing screws 3 on quick-release axle 8 and left and right and tighten to tighten to specified tightening specified tightening torque. Insert ABS sensor 2 into its torque.

  • Page 118: Removing Rear Wheel

    Firmly pull the handbrake lever several times. The pressure point must be clearly perceptible. with OE BMW Motorrad Integral ABS: Switch on the ignition. Parts of the exhaust system The wheel studs for the Wait for ABS self-diagnosis to can be hot.

  • Page 119: Front-wheel Stand

    Slacken adjusting screws 1. rier stand before lifting the front Push the two adapters 2 apart wheel with the BMW Motorrad until the front forks fit between Tightening sequence: tight- front-wheel stand. them. en in diagonally opposite se-...

  • Page 120: Bulbs

    Bulbs General instructions A warning appears in the multi- function display if a bulb is de- fective. If the brake or rear light fails, the symbol is accompan- ied by the 'General' warning light, which lights up yellow. If the rear light fails the second filament of Align the two adapters 2 so If the motorcycle is on the...

  • Page 121

    The bulb is pressurised and in the course of the operations Turn cover 2 for low-beam can cause injury if dam- described below. headlight counter-clockwise aged. and remove it. Always make sure that the Wear protective goggles and motorcycle is stable and firmly gloves when changing bulbs.

  • Page 122

    Bulb for low-beam head- light H7 / 12 V / 55 W Bulb for high-beam headlight H7 / 12 V / 55 W Release spring clips 4 at top Engage spring clip 4 in the and bottom and swing them catch.

  • Page 123: Replacing Parking-light

    motorcycle is stable and firmly Bulb for parking light supported. Make sure the ground is level W5W / 12 V / 5 W and firm and place the motor- cycle on its stand. Install the bulb in the bulb Switch off the ignition. socket.

  • Page 124

    Always make sure that the motorcycle is stable and firmly supported. Make sure the ground is level and firm and place the motor- cycle on its stand. Switch off the ignition. Press bulb 3 into its socket Press bulb 3 into its socket and turn it counter-clockwise to and turn it clockwise to install.

  • Page 125

    Seat bulb housing 2 in its hold- Remove screw 1. Turn bulb 2 counter-clockwise ers. and remove it from the bulb housing. Install screws 1. Replace the defective bulb. Replacing turn indicator Bulbs for flashing turn bulbs, front and rear indicators, front If it is not standing firmly, the motorcycle could topple...

  • Page 126

    Replacing auxiliary Bulbs for flashing turn headlights indicators, rear If it is not standing firmly, RY10W / 12 V / 10 W the motorcycle could topple in the course of the operations described below. Always make sure that the motorcycle is stable and firmly supported.

  • Page 127

    Pivot the headlight lens for- Bulb for auxiliary head- ward. light with OE Supplementary head- light: H11 / PGJ 19-2 / 12 V / 55 W Pull bulb housing 5 down until it is clear of the holder. Remove four screws 3. Push bulb cover 4 down to remove.

  • Page 128

    Push bulb housing 5 up into Tighten screw 2. Squeeze locking clips 1 at top the holder from below. and bottom together and pull Connect plug 1. fuse cover 2 aside to remove. Adjust the headlight so that Replace the defective fuse. it does not dazzle oncoming traffic.

  • Page 129: Air Filter

    Replace fuse 3 for left head- Remove screw 1. Disengage retaining clip 1. light. Pull side cover 2 out of hold- Replace fuse 4 for right head- ers 3 and 4. light. Install the fuse cover. Install the right side panel 130) Air filter Remove the air filter...

  • Page 130

    Installing air filter Pull the intake air pipe out of Position intake air pipe 2 on holder 2. the air filter housing. Insert air filter 3 into the air fil- Push retaining clips 1 into the ter housing at the top. holders until they engage with Push the air filter into the air an audible click.

  • Page 131: Removing Right Side Panel

    the intake and that the throttle valve is seated against the stop. Seat side panel 2 in holders 3 Remove screw 1. and 4. Remove screw 2 on the in- Install screw 1. board side. Install the right side panel Pull the side panel out of hold- Seat the knee cover in hold- 130)

  • Page 132: Installing Right Side Panel

    Installing right side Touching live parts of the ignition system with the panel engine running can cause electric shock. Do not touch parts of the igni- tion system when the engine is running. A short-circuit can res- ult if the crocodile clips Install screw 2 on the inboard of the jump leads are accident- side.

  • Page 133: Battery

    in the course of the operations Begin by connecting one end Allow both engines to idle for a described below. of the red jump lead to the few minutes before disconnect- positive terminal of the dis- ing the jump leads. Always make sure that the charged battery and the other motorcycle is stable and firmly...

  • Page 134

    Always disconnect the battery Use BMW chargers with the If the motorcycle is to be out of from the on-board circuits be- part numbers 71 60 7 688 864 use for more than four weeks,...

  • Page 135: Removing Battery

    Charge via the power sock- Comply with the operating in- Remove the front seat ( et, with the battery connected structions of the charger. to the motorcycle's on-board Once the battery is fully electrical system. charged, disconnect the charger's terminal clips from The motorcycle's on-board the battery terminals.

  • Page 136: Installing Battery

    Lift the battery up and out; Installation in the wrong work it slightly back and forth sequence increases the risk if it is difficult to remove. of short-circuits. Always proceed in the correct Installing battery sequence. Switch off the ignition. Never install the battery without Place the battery in the battery the protective cap.

  • Page 137

    If you want to have the date set consult a specialist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. Fully open the throttle once or twice. The engine management sys- tem registers the throttle-valve positions.

  • Page 139: Care

    Care Care products ..... 138 Washing motorcycle ....138 Cleaning easily damaged compon- ents .

  • Page 140: Care Products

    Washing motorcycle until the brakes have dried out. Black, unpainted parts BMW Motorrad recommends Warm water intensifies the that you use BMW insect re- If plastic parts are cleaned effect of salt. using unsuitable cleaning mover to soften and wash off...

  • Page 141: Paint Care

    Cooling fins can be bent aged. easily. Use plenty of water and BMW Do not use cleaning agents that Take care not to bend the fins shampoo to clean chrome, par- contain alcohol, solvents or ab- when cleaning the radiator.

  • Page 142: Protective Wax Coating

    BMW paint cleaner for bine work for laying up/restoring beads. this purpose. to use with a BMW service or Marks on the paintwork are par- inspection. Laying up motorcycle ticularly easy to see after the Clean the motorcycle.

  • Page 143: Technical Data

    Technical data Troubleshooting chart ... . . 142 Riding specifications ....156 Threaded fasteners ....143 Engine .

  • Page 144: Troubleshooting Chart

    Troubleshooting chart Engine does not start or is difficult to start Possible cause Remedy Kill switch activated Kill switch in operating position Side stand extended and gear engaged Retract the side stand. ( Gear engaged and clutch not disengaged Select neutral or pull clutch lever ( Clutch pulled when ignition was OFF Switch on the ignition, then pull the clutch lever No fuel in tank...

  • Page 145: Threaded Fasteners

    Threaded fasteners Front wheel Value Valid Brake caliper to slider tube M8 x 32 10.9 30 Nm Clamp screw of quick-release axle M8 x 35 19 Nm Quick-release axle in axle holder M24 x 1.5 50 Nm Rear wheel Value Valid Rear wheel to wheel carrier M10 x 53 x 1.25...

  • Page 146

    Mirror arm Value Valid Mirror to clamping piece 25 Nm Clamping piece to clamping block 30 Nm...

  • Page 147: Engine

    Engine Engine design four-stroke opposed twin, air-cooled with oil- cooled exhaust ports, installed longitudinally, two overhead camshafts, electronic engine management Displacement 1170 cm Cylinder bore 101 mm Piston stroke 73 mm Compression ratio 11.0:1 Nominal output 74 kW, Over: 7000 min Torque 115 Nm, Over: 5500 min Maximum engine speed...

  • Page 148: Fuel

    Oil grades Engine oils of API classification SF or better. Engine oils of ACEA classification A2 or better. BMW Motorrad recommends not using synthetic oils for the first 10,000 km. Please do not hesitate to contact your authorised BMW Motorrad dealer if you have any questions relating the choice of a suitable engine oil for your motorcycle.

  • Page 149: Clutch

    Permissible viscosity classes SAE 5 W- 30 -20...20 °C, Operation at low temperatures SAE 10 W-40 -10...30 °C, Operation at moderate temperatures SAE 15 W- 40 0 °C SAE 20 W- 40 0 °C SAE 5 W- 50 -20 °C, High-grade and synthetic oils, operation in all temperature ranges SAE 10 W- 50 -20 °C, High-grade and synthetic oils, operation...

  • Page 150: Transmission

    0.805 (29:36 teeth), 6th gear Rear-wheel drive Type of final drive Shaft drive with bevel gears Type of rear suspension BMW Paralever; cast light-alloy single swinging arm with two joints and torque reaction link Gear ratio of final drive 2.82 : 1...

  • Page 151: Running Gear

    Running gear Type of front suspension BMW Telelever, with anti-dive top fork bridge, leading link pivot-mounted on engine and tele- scopic forks, central spring strut supported by leading link and main frame Spring travel, front 210 mm, At wheel Type of rear suspension...

  • Page 152: Wheels And Tyres

    Wheels and tyres Tyre combinations recommended at time of going Front: Bridgestone Trail Wing TW 101 L, 110/ to press (As at: 24.04.2007) 80 R19 M/C (59V) TL Rear: Bridgestone Trail Wing TW 152 L, 150/ 70 R17 M/C (69V) TL Front: Bridgestone Battle Wing BW 501 R, 110/ 80 R19 M/C (59V) TL Rear: Bridgestone Battle Wing BW 502 R, 150/...

  • Page 153

    Front: Metzeler Tourance Front, 110/80 R19 M/C (59V) TL Rear: Metzeler Tourance, 150/70 R17 M/C (69V) You can obtain an up-to-date list of approved tyres from your authorised BMW Motorrad dealer or on the Internet at "". Front wheel Front wheel, type...

  • Page 154: Electrics

    Rear wheel Rear wheel type Cross-spoked wheel with 40 spokes, MT H2 Rear wheel rim size 4.00" x 17" Tyre designation, rear 150/70 R 17 M/C 69 V TL Tyre pressures Tyre pressure, front 2.2 bar, one-up, tyre cold 2.5 bar, two-up and/or with luggage, tyre cold Tyre pressure, rear 2.5 bar, one-up, tyre cold 2.9 bar, two-up and/or with luggage, tyre cold...

  • Page 155: Spark Plugs

    Battery Battery, manufacturer and designation EXT 14 BS Battery type AGM (Absorptive Glass Mat) battery Battery rated voltage 12 V Battery rated capacity 14 Ah Spark plugs Spark plugs, manufacturer and designation Bosch YR5LDE NGK DCPR 8 EKC ±0.1 Electrode gap of spark plug mm, When new max 1 mm, Wear limit Secondary spark plugs, manufacturer and desig-...

  • Page 156

    Lighting Bulb for high-beam headlight H7 / 12 V / 55 W Bulb for low-beam headlight H7 / 12 V / 55 W Bulb for parking light W5W / 12 V / 5 W Bulb for tail light/brake light P21/5W / 12 V / 5 W / 21 W Bulbs for flashing turn indicators, front R10W / 12 V / 10 W with OE White turn indicators:...

  • Page 157: Frame

    Frame Frame type Two-part tubular-steel frame and load-bearing drive unit Type plate location On left side behind side cover VIN location Front frame top centre Dimensions Length of motorcycle 2250 mm Height of motorcycle 1470 mm, DIN unladen weight; without mirrors, windscreen lowered Width of motorcycle 955 mm, Across mirrors...

  • Page 158: Weights

    Weights Unladen weight 256 kg, DIN unladen weight, ready for road 90 % load of fuel, without optional extras Permissible gross weight 475 kg Maximum payload 219 kg, Without optional extras/optional accessor- Riding specifications Speeds Top speed 195 km/h...

  • Page 159: Service

    Service BMW Motorrad service ... . 158 BMW Motorrad service quality ..158 BMW Motorrad Service Card: on- the-spot breakdown assistance ..158 BMW Motorrad service network .

  • Page 160: Bmw Motorrad Service

    To ensure that your BMW is al- BMW Motorrad Service ably an authorised BMW Motor- ways in optimum condition, BMW rad dealer.

  • Page 161: Bmw Motorrad Service Network

    BMW Service place to look after you and your service is approaching, on the The BMW Service is carried out motorcycle in more than 100 basis of the programmed values. once a year; the extent of servi- countries.

  • Page 162: Confirmation Of Mainten

    Confirmation of maintenance work BMW Pre-delivery BMW Running-in Check Check Completed Completed Odometer reading Next service at the latest or, if logged beforehand, Odometer reading Stamp, signature Stamp, signature...

  • Page 163

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 164

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 165

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 166

    BMW Service BMW Service BMW Service Completed Completed Completed Odometer reading Odometer reading Odometer reading Next service Next service Next service at the latest at the latest at the latest or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand, or, if logged beforehand,...

  • Page 167: Confirmation Of Service

    Confirmation of service The table is intended as a record of maintenance, warranty and repair work, the installation of optional accessories and, if appropriate, special campaign (recall) work. Item Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 168

    Item Odometer Date reading...

  • Page 169: General Instructions

    Switching off, 56 Replacing high-beam headlight current, 25 Switching on, 57 bulb, 119 Beam throw, 11 Warning, 31 Replacing low-beam headlight BMW Motorrad service, 158 Accessories bulb, 119 BMW Motorrad Service General instructions, 92 Replacing parking-light Card, 158 Air filter...

  • Page 170

    Clock Engine oil Gear indicator, 20 Adjusting, 44 Checking level, 11 Grip heating, 16, 56 Clutch Temperature gauge, 20 Adjusting clutch lever, 60 Topping up, 11, 104 Checking level, 11, 109 Warning for engine oil level, 28 Handlebar fittings Technical data, 147 Warning for engine oil General view, left side, 15 Confirmation of maintenance...

  • Page 171

    Immobiliser, 43 Maintenance Power socket, 11 Warning, 24 General instructions, 102 Pre-ride check, 75 Instrument cluster Mirrors Overview, 17 Adjusting, 62, 63 Sensor for instrument Rear-wheel drive Motorcycle lighting, 17 Technical data, 148 General view, left side, 11 Refuelling, 81 General view, right side, 13 Removing from stand, 79 Jump starting, 130...

  • Page 172

    Remove the front seat, 68 Electrics, 152 Turn indicators Left, 15, 53 Remove the rear seat, 67 Engine, 145 Right, 16, 53 Service, 158 Frame, 155 Switching off, 16, 54 Status indicators on the Rear-wheel drive, 148 display, 20 Tyre pressure monitoring RDC Running gear, 149 Label on wheel rim, 112 Service Card, 158...

  • Page 173

    Wheels Installing front wheel, 114 Installing rear wheel, 116 Removing front wheel, 112 Removing rear wheel, 116 Technical data, 150 Windscreen Adjusting, 11, 60...

  • Page 174

    The right to modify designs, equipment and accessories is reserved. Errors and omissions excepted. © 2007 BMW Motorrad Not to be reproduced either wholly or in part without written permission from BMW Motorrad, After Sales. Printed in Germany.

  • Page 175

    2.2 bar, one-up, tyre cold 2.5 bar, two-up and/or with lug- gage, tyre cold Tyre pressure, rear 2.5 bar, one-up, tyre cold 2.9 bar, two-up and/or with lug- gage, tyre cold BMW recommends *01417706741* Order No. 01 41 7 706 741 07.2007, 3rd edition...

  • Page 176

    Applies to: Motorcycles with hand protectors Possibility of malfunction – Impermissible ergonomic set- Checking freedom of due to incorrectly posi- tings (see Rider's Manual, movement of handlebar tioned hand protector "Adjusting clutch lever/ han- levers If the hand protector is twisted dlebar lever"...

  • Page 177

    • Have the settings and the threaded-fastener tightening torques checked by a special- ist workshop, preferably an authorised BMW Motorrad dealer. BMW Motorrad Order No: 01 41 7 714 311 04.2008...

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