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Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood HD Radio TUNER Instruction Manual

Kenwood hd radio tuner instruction manual
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Troubleshooting Guide

What might appear to be a malfunction in your
unit may just be the result of slight misoperation
or miswiring. Before calling service, first check the
following table for possible problems.
The HD Radio mode cannot be selected.
✔ The connection wire is not connected.
☞ Use the connection wire to connect the
control unit and the HD Radio tuner.
✔ HD Radio tuner is connected to KCA-S210A or
other units.
☞ Connect the HD Radio tuner directly to the
control unit.
Nothing happens when the buttons are pressed.
✔ The computer chip in the unit is not functioning
☞ Press the reset button on the Control/
Controller unit.
No sound can be heard, or the volume is low.
✔ The input/output wires or wiring harness are
connected incorrectly.
☞ Reconnect the input/output wires and/or the
wiring harness correctly. See the section on
<Connecting Wires to Terminals>.
✔ The preset broadcast station is not transmitting in
the mode that was set with <Receive Mode>.
☞ Please set <Receive Mode> to "Auto".
✔ It switches between the Digital broadcasting and
Analog broadcasting too often.
☞ If the receiving condition is bad, <Receive
Mode> should be set to "Analog".
✔ In digital AM broadcasting, receive mode switches
between stereo and monaural too often.
☞ Receiving condition is bad or unstable.
Stereo is chosen when receiving condition is
good, and it switches to monaural when the
condition becomes bad.
✔ The source mode was changed or the power
switch was turned on.
☞ The monaural signals are received several
seconds after power-on or after FM tuning of
HD Radio.
✔ HD Radio tuner is connected to KCA-S210A or
other units.
☞ Connect the HD Radio tuner directly to the
control unit.
Radio reception is poor.
✔ The car antenna is not extended.
☞ Pull the antenna out all the way.
✔ The antenna control wire is not connected.
☞ Connect the wire correctly, referring to the
section on <Connecting Wires to Terminals>.
The tuner cannot be used by the Dual Zone
✔ The HD Radio source cannot be selected by the
Dual Zone System.
☞ An internal source other than Tuner can be
The messages shown below display your
systems condition.
Although the Sub channel was selected, it
is under reading or has not been received.
➪ ––
HD* Off:/ *CH Off:
The Sub channel, which cannot be used,
was selected.
➪ ––
<Receive Mode> is set to "Analog";
therefore, the channel cannot be used.
➪ Set <Receive Mode > (page 7) to "Auto"
or "Digital".
• In HD Radio mode, the display of Station Name or
Song title should be set up. The channel information
cannot be displayed in the Frequency display. (page


Table of Contents

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