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Operations; Tuning; Tuning Mode - Kenwood HD Radio TUNER Instruction Manual

Kenwood hd radio tuner instruction manual
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Selecting the station.
Select HD Radio source
Press the [SRC] button.
Select the "HD Radio"/"HD RADIO" display.
Select the HD FM band
Press the [FM] button.
Each time the [FM] button is pressed it switches
between the HF1, HF2, and HF3 bands.
Select the HD AM band
Press the [AM] button.
Tune up or down program
Press the [4] or [¢] button.
If the sub channel is available in Digital FM
broadcast when <Tuning Mode> is set to Auto
seek or Manual, the channel can be switched.
Analog FM 1
Analog FM ™
Analog FM £
(HD FM band)
• During the reception of 1, tune up:
• During the reception of !, tune down:
• Using <Receive Mode> the modes can be switched
to digital broadcast automatic switching, analog
broadcast only, or digital broadcast only.
• When "Digital" has been set with <Receive Mode>,
the seek time will be longer to allow a check of
whether the transmission is a digital broadcast.
• It will take few seconds to receive the digital
broadcasting after selecting the frequency.
• When Tune up button is pressed, it will switch to the
next frequency if is it switched before receiving the
Digital broadcasting. (™➡£)
• When Tune down button is pressed, it will be received
from Analog broadcasting if the Digital broadcasting
has never been received. (!➡£)
• When <Tuning Mode> is set to "Manual", the
frequency will be switched while pressing [4] or
[¢] buttons.
Digital FM 2
Digital FM-1ch 3
Digital FM-2ch 4
Digital FM-8ch 0
Digital FM !
<Tuning Mode> : Auto seek or Manual
<Receive Mode> : Auto mode
• Some of the models have the following displays when
the Main channel and Sub channel are switched.
- "Main"/"Primary"/"PRI": When it is switched to the
Main channel
- "Sub"/"Secondary"/"SEC": When it is switched to Sub

Tuning Mode

Sets the tuning mode.
Press the [AUTO] button.
Each time the button is pressed the Tuning
mode switches as shown below.
Menu models (#4 of Model list)
Display the menu mode using the control
unit and select a setting item.
Set the tuning mode
Switching the setting of menu items.
Each time the button is pressed the Tuning
mode switches as shown below.
Exit Menu mode
Display and Setting
Tuning mode
Display Operation
"Auto 1" Automatic search for a frequency
Auto seek
"Auto 2" Search in order of the frequency or
Preset station seek
"Manual" Normal manual tuning control.
or channel.
channel in the Preset memory.


Table of Contents

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