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Factory Defaults; Specifications; Troubleshooting Guide - Kenwood H2EV Operating Instructions Manual

Portable sirius satellite tuner
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Program Alert: Program Alert On/Off
Use this selection to enable or disable the
Program Alert.
Auto Shutdown
This gives you the option of having Here
automatically shut off after a 1-hour idle period.
After 59 minutes of inactivity, a display prompt will
appear on the screen with the option "Cancel Auto
Shutdown. " Press the Control Knob (or the remote
Select button) to cancel the shutdown and restart
the idle timer.
Sleep Mode
This gives you the option to have the unit shut
down after a specific period of time: 15, 30, 45,
or 60 minutes.

Factory Defaults

Select this menu option to restore Here
to all factory defaults.


Audio output (560 ohms)....................776mV RMS
Fuse ....................................................3A fast blow
Power supply requirements 9 ~ 16V, negative ground
Dimensions ......110mm(L) x 74mm(W) x 30mm(D)

Troubleshooting Guide

Possible Cause
No power on Here 2 Everywhere
Power supply/cigarette lighter adapter
(power indicator/display not illuminated)
is not properly connected
Blown fuse in cigarette lighter adapter
Here 2 Everywhere not properly seated
in docking cradle
Car cigarette lighter socket fuse is blown
No sound
Audio cable is not properly connected
Display reads "Acquiring Signal"
Signal is weak or can't be found
Metallic window screen is
interfering with reception
Display reads "Antenna error"
The antenna is not connected
The antenna or cable is faulty
Display reads "Call 1-888-539-SIRIUS to
SIRIUS subscription has not been activated,
or the specific channel is blocked by SIRIUS
Display reads "Invalid Channel"
The channel number entered is invalid or
the channel does not exist
Here 2 Everywhere operates erroneously
Microprocessor error
Sound mutes intermittently
Metallic window screen is interfering
with reception
Corrective Action
Make sure power supply/adapter is
properly connected
Check the fuse; if blown, replace with
supplied spare fuse
Remove the Here 2 Everywhere from cradle and
put it back in the cradle, taking care to seat
it securely in the cradle grooves
Use the cigarette lighter to test the car's cigarette
lighter socket and fuse. If the cigarette lighter
doesn't glow or get hot, check and replace
the fuse in the fuse panel. Note: use caution
with hot cigarette lighter.
Make sure cable is properly connected
Check the "Antenna Aiming" screen
(see pg. 27); Change the antenna/vehicle
location to maximize signal quality
Move antenna to window with a
non-metallic screen
Verify antenna connections
Replace antenna
Call SIRIUS to activate or update
your subscription
Select a different channel number
Turn the power off (press the Power
button); wait 5-10 seconds, then turn
the power on again
Turn the unit's power off; remove it from
the dock; wait 5-10 seconds; replace it
in the dock and turn power back on
If the problem persists, consult your
Kenwood dealer
Move antenna to a window with a
non-metallic screen



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