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Installing The Antenna - Kenwood H2EV Operating Instructions Manual

Portable sirius satellite tuner
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• Do not install Here
Everywhere where it may
obstruct your view through the windshield or your
view of your vehicle's indicator displays.
• Do not install Here
Everywhere where it will
hinder your access to the vehicle's controls.
• Do not install Here
Everywhere where it may
hinder the function of safety devices such as an
airbag. Doing so may prevent the air-bag from
functioning properly in the event of an accident.
• Find a location that provides good visibility of and
access to Here
Everywhere's front panel.
• If using screws, be sure that you do not damage
wiring or other systems that may be close to the
mounting surface.
• Prior to mounting the Pivot, attach the Car
Docking Cradle to the Pivot using the four
enclosed screws.
Step 2: Attaching Power
in a Vehicle
You have two options for powering the
Everywhere in your vehicle:
• Plug the cigarette lighter adapter into the back of
the cradle, as shown. Don't plug the adapter into
the cigarette lighter until the installation is com-
pleted (see pg. 10, Step 6).
DC 12V
• Or, wire the Extra Power Supply Cord with Fuse to
the vehicle +12V battery line. Use caution
in wiring to your vehicle's electrical system.
Kenwood recommends having an audio installer
professional perform this step.
DC 12V
Step 3: Connecting Audio
You have two options to connect audio to
Everywhere in your vehicle:
• FM Station: Tune your vehicle radio to an unused
FM station, and using the Menu option on the
Everywhere, select the same station. To use
the Menu option, please see pg. 23. When using
Everywhere, make sure you've tuned to the
same station as you have previously set in the
Menu setup.
• Aux In: Or, if your vehicle radio has an Aux Input,
plug the supplied Stereo Mini-Jack Cord into the
back of the cradle, as shown on the right. Plug
the Stereo Mini-Jack Cord's white (L ch.) and red
(R ch.) connectors into your car stereo. Because
the connectors may be in the back of the car
stereo, you may want to have an audio installer
professional perform this step.
Tip: The Here
Everywhere also has a Wired FM
Output. If you experience noise or other audio, you
may want to have a professional installer add a
connection from the Wired FM Output to the Car
antenna input. Consult your car audio dealer or
professional installer for assistance.
Step 4: Installing
the Antenna
1. Turn Here
Everywhere's power off and remove it
from the cradle; unplug the cigarette lighter adapter
from the cigarette lighter; unplug the antenna from
the cradle.
2. Find an antenna location on a metal surface at least
12" x 12" . The antenna should be mounted exactly
5.5" (the length of the antenna's tail) away from the
vehicle's rear window, as shown in the picture. The
antenna's powerful magnets will secure it to the
metal surface. There is an optional antenna cable
protector, or tail, included with the car antenna.
Note: The best reception is achieved when the
antenna is mounted on the roof; mounting on the
trunk lid will work for convertibles. If the vehicle
has a roof rack or skid ribs, it may be necessary
to mount the antenna off-center.



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