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Display Options - Kenwood H2EV Operating Instructions Manual

Portable sirius satellite tuner
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Recalling and Managing
Music Information
You can see the songs you've stored using the
Memo button. Press and hold the Memo button for
2 seconds. The display will change to show the first
artist and song title in memory, with "01" showing
in the top left corner of the screen to indicate that
this is the first entry in the list. Use the Control
Knob or the remote CH buttons to see each entry.
While in this mode, you can also manage this list
by pressing the Control Knob (or remote Select
button). This will bring up the following menu:
• Return to List
• S-Seek
• Lock/Unlock
• Delete
Return to List:
This option will exit this menu
and return to showing the stored songs.
Song Seek (S-Seek):
This feature allows you
to search for favorite songs that are playing while
you are listening to another station. To use this fea-
ture, the desired song has to be saved in the
memory first. (See previous section,
"Saving/Recalling Music Information" . )
To activate S-Seek, press and hold the S-Seek
(Memo) button, and the first song in memory will
be displayed. Use the Control Knob (or the remote
CH buttons) to scroll through the saved songs in
memory and select the desired song by pushing
the Control Knob.
This will display the S-Seek menu. Highlight S-Seek
and push the Control Knob. S-Seek will present two
choices: "On" or "Off. " Select "On. " S-Seek is now
activated. Here
Everywhere will alert you if the
song/artist selected is being played on any channel.
You have 10 seconds to make a choice or you can
press and hold the Select button (or press the
Back button on the remote) to cancel the alert.
Note: When listing the memorized artist/song title
pairs, the display will include "S-Seek" on the top
line. Note that this won't show up in the normal
displays—just in the memory list display.
Lock/Unlock: When you press the Menu button, an
artist/song title pair is stored.
However, if the list is already at its 24-song limit,
the oldest artist/song title pair (least recently
stored) will be deleted to make room. To prevent
this from happening to a song, select this menu
option and choose "On" . This song will not be
erased by a newer song when you press the Menu
button. Note that it can be erased with the Clear All
Memory or Factory Defaults commands, however.
Delete: This selection will remove this artist/song
title pair from the memory list. The other pairs in
the memory list will remain.

Display Options

Changing Display Modes
The Default Display screen has two display modes,
Normal (shown earlier in Basic Operation) and
Large Font.
Press the Display button to cycle the display
between the two modes.
Menu Options
From the Menu Options screen, you can access
and set up the following features:
• SID (SIRIUS ID Number)
• Display Settings
• Confirm Tone Options
• FM Transmitter Option
• Add/Skip Channels
• Device Lock Options
• Audio Level
• Antenna Aiming
• Memory Options
• Time Features
• Factory Defaults
To enter the Menu Options, press the Menu button
on the front panel. Use the Control Knob (or the
remote CH buttons) to move to the Menu feature
you want, and press the Control Knob (or the
remote Select button) to select the feature.
To exit the Menu Options and return to the previous
operation mode, press the Menu button. The menu
button will back up to the previous screen, one
screen each press, until you exit Menu Options
entirely and return to the original display.



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