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Antenna Aiming; Memory Options - Kenwood H2EV Operating Instructions Manual

Portable sirius satellite tuner
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To enter a code:
1. Turn the Control Knob (or use the remote 0-9
buttons) to select the first digit of the code.
2. Press the Control Knob (or the remote Select
button) to keep that digit, and move to the
next digit.
3. Repeat these steps until all four digits are entered.
Everywhere will ask for the 4-digit code a sec-
ond time, to confirm.
All future entries into the Lock/Unlock submenu will
display the text "Lock/Unlock" on the top line and a
channel list below it.
1. Use the Control Knob (or the remote CH buttons)
to highlight the channel you want to lock. (The
highlighted channel will automatically play.)
2. Press the Control Knob (or the remote Select
button) to change the highlighted channel's
status. The word "lock" will appear after the
channel name.
3. To remove the "lock" from the channel, press the
Control Knob (or the remote Select button) again.
• To exit the Lock/Unlock function, press the
Menu button.
Note: Locked channels can be accessed only by
the Remote's Direct Tuning feature or by a previously
assigned preset. In either case, you will be prompted
to enter the 4-digit code before the system will tune
to the channel, play audio from the channel, or display
text information from the channel. When the code is
accepted, the channel will play until you change
channels or until Here
Everywhere is turned off.
Note: To permanently remove the lock status from
the channel, return to the Lock/Unlock submenu
option and follow the previous steps.
Edit Code
Use this submenu option to change the 4-digit
code, [0000]. On entering this submenu option,
you will be asked to enter the 4-digit code as
described in the previous section. Once the correct
code has been entered, you will be prompted to
enter a new 4-digit code, twice. The second entry is
requested for confirmation. Once confirmed, the
display will return to the Lock Options menu.
Audio Level
This menu option allows you some control over the
volume of Here
Everywhere. This is used in setting
up Here
Everywhere with a home or vehicle stereo.
Typically, you will use the home or vehicle stereo
volume control after this setting is correct. This set-
ting can be used to raise or lower the output signal
level on the stereo mini-jack to better match the
stereo system. Kenwood recommends leaving this
at the factory default level unless it is necessary to
change it. The most common use for this setting is
to adjust headphone volume levels if you are using
headphones directly plugged into the cradle.

Antenna Aiming

Upon selecting this option, Here
Everywhere's top
line displays two 10-segment horizontal bar graphs:
One is labeled "SAT," and shows the satellite
signal strength. The other is labeled "TER," and
indicates the strength of the terrestrial (ground-
based) SIRIUS signal. The terrestrial SIRIUS
signal is only present in cities.
Moving the antenna location may adjust the bar
graph signal strength indications and insure opti-
mum reception. Pressing the Control Knob, the
menu button, or the remote Select button returns
to the top level Menu Options.
Note: Most Menu screens automatically exit after a
few seconds without user input. The Antenna Aiming
screen is different in that it will stay until you press the
Control Knob, the Menu button, or the remote Select
button. This allows you to stay in this mode while you
adjust the antenna location to your satisfaction.

Memory Options

This submenu has options that allow you to turn on
or off the S-Seek feature (pop-ups to tell you that
your selected songs are playing), and to clear all
the songs stored with the Memo button.
Auto Memory Search
This is an on/off selection to enable or disable
S-Seek pop-ups and alerts. Use the Control Knob
(or the remote CH buttons) to select "On" or "Off. "
Press the Control Knob (or the remote Select but-
ton) to accept the current setting.
Clear All Memory
This option will clear all the songs stored with the
Memo button. Use the Control Knob (or the remote
CH buttons) to select "Yes" or "No. " Selecting "Yes"
will remove all the songs stored by S-Seek, and
thereby remove all alerts.



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