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Setting/Using Channel Presets; Saving/Recalling Music Information - Kenwood H2EV Operating Instructions Manual

Portable sirius satellite tuner
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and hold the Control Knob for 2 seconds on the
front panel (or press the Back button on the
remote) to exit the mode and return to the Default
Display screen for the active channel.
Setting/Using Channel
Setting Channel Presets
You can store up to 30 of your favorite channels as
presets for quick access. Presets are stored in 5
banks, labeled A through E, on the lower right-hand
corner of the display. Each preset bank contains 6
channel presets.
1. Press the Band button to activate the preset
bank you want. The selected bank and Preset is
shown in the lower right corner of the Default
Display screen. For example, this picture shows
"A-1, " meaning Preset bank A, Preset channel 1.
If the current channel is not stored as a Preset,
the Preset bank will be displayed alone in the
same space.
2. Select the channel you want to preset (see Basic
Operation and Selecting Channels, pg. 17).
3. Hold the number button you want to store the
channel in for at least 2 seconds (or, using the
remote, press the Preset button and press the
number button you want to store).
• The selected preset number will flash and then
remain lit on the display to show that it has
been memorized.
• A beep will also be heard to confirm that the
preset has been stored.
• If the preset button already has a channel
stored in it, it will be replaced with the new
Tuning Channel Presets
The 6 Presets in the active bank can be selected by
pressing the "1"–"6" buttons.
1. Press the Band button to cycle through the five
banks of Preset stations. The display will show
the current Preset bank and active Preset num-
ber in the lower right corner.
2. When the desired Preset bank is displayed, use the
"1"–"6" buttons to tune the desired Preset channel.
Tuning Only to Preset Channels
(Preset Tune Mode)
You can limit tuning to only the channels you have
stored as Presets.
Hold the Band button for at least 1 second (or press
the P . Tune button on the remote) to enter the Preset
Tune Mode. The display will change to highlight the
active channel and the current Preset band.
Use the Control Knob (or the remote CH buttons) to
move through the Presets. Each time you change a
Preset, its number will appear on the display and
the channel will play.
Press the Band button to change Preset banks, just
as you would in Channel Tune Mode.
When you're finished searching for a Preset, hold
the Band button for more than 2 seconds (or press
the P . Tune button on the remote) to return to
Channel Tune Mode.
Music Information
Saving Music Information
You can store the name of the currently-playing
song and artist (and composer, if the data is avail-
able) into memory for recall later. Press the Memo
button to save the data. The screen will display the
following message:
• If the song has already been stored in memory,
the display will read "Already in Memory. "
• You can save data for up to 24 songs. Once all
24 places have been filled, any new artist/song
data you save will replace the oldest data.
• You can lock a song so that it will remain on the list
even if you press the Menu button when 24 places
have been filled. The oldest unlocked song will be
deleted. See Lock/Unlock, in the next section
("Recalling and Managing Music Information").



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