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Handle Trigger; Image Resolution Mode; Turbo Dot Peen Mode - Siemens HE40T Quick Start Manual

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Handle Trigger

FIGURE 1–32.

Image Resolution Mode

SXGA Only — Cell size or X dimension of most bar codes no
greater than 15 mils (0.015 inches).
VGA Only — Cell size greater than 15 mils.
FIGURE 1–33.

Turbo Dot Peen Mode

The HE40T with the default settings offers the best overall
performance for Data Matrix DPM reading. For reading dot peen
marks with cell size larger than 15 mils or 0.015 inches, it is often
possible to improve the reading performance by enabling the Turbo
Dot Peen mode. It is also recommended that Read With Near Field
Only mode and VGA Only mode be used in conjunction with the
Turbo Dot Peen On mode to achieve the best reading response.
Handle Trigger Programming Codes
Read With Both Imagers (Default)
Read With Far-Field Imager
Read With Near-Field Imager
Image Resolution Mode Codes
HE40T Quickstart Guide
VGA Only (Default)
Rev 1.0.1, Dec. 2006



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