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Batch Mode; Auto Transfer Buffer Memory - Siemens HE40T Quick Start Manual

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FIGURE 1–28.
UII/ISO 15434 DM On
UII/ISO 15434 DM with Data Field
UII On for all Symbologies

Batch Mode

The HE40T unit features a batch mode for applications requiring a
portable reader. Batch mode allows a user to store scanned data to
the reader's non-volatile memory. You may transfer the data to a
host computer when needed. To utilize batch functionality, you will
need to use the BH1/BH2 battery handle.
The HE40T dedicated batch memory is a minimum of 1MB. To
determine the number of reads that may be stored, divide the
average bytes of a scan into the total minimum memory.

Auto Transfer Buffer Memory

By default, when reconnected, the HE40T will automatically
transfer any data in memory once a connection to a host is
established. If your application is not ready, the reader will send the
data anyway and the data could be lost. If you do not wish for the
reader to immediately send data upon connection, please scan the
Disable Auto Transfer Buffer Memory.
Rev 1.0.1, Dec. 2006
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