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Radio Range And Transferring Data - Siemens HE40T Quick Start Manual

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To connect your reader:
Scan the Reset to RF Factory Defaults code shown in
Figure 1–11.
FIGURE 1–11.
Reset to RF
Factory Defaults
Scan the QuickConnect code you received.
The HE40T will automatically connect. By default, the HE40T
will beep once after it connects and beep three times in a row if
it did not connect.
Scan the Save Settings code (Figure 1–12) to the right if you
want to save the wireless connection settings to the HE40T so
that the HE40T will automatically try to connect wirelessly the
next time it is powered on.
FIGURE 1–12.
Save Settings

Radio Range and Transferring Data

The HE40T radio is a Class 1 device. If connected to another Class
1 device, the unit has roughly a 300 foot line of sight operating
range. If connecting to a Class 2 or Class 3 device, the operating
range may drop to match the lower range. Once a unit is connected,
the application software on the host must be open to receive data.
When the HE40T detects the radio is out of range, the HE40T will
store data on the reader's non-volatile memory.
Rev 1.0.1, Dec. 2006
Reset to RF Factory Defaults Code
Save Settings Code
HE40T Quickstart Guide
QuickConnect (Sample)
Scan the QuickConnect code
that matches the Bluetooth
address of your device



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