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He40T Wireless; Connecting With A Quickconnect Code; He40T Wireless Setup - Siemens HE40T Quick Start Manual

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HE40T Wireless

This HE40T features a Bluetooth® wireless radio. The radio allows
for point to point wireless communication with other Bluetooth
devices that support serial port protocol (SPP). The following
information will give you general instructions on connecting your
HE40T to a desktop or laptop computer with a Bluetooth radio.

Connecting With A QuickConnect Code

If you purchased a CodeXML Bluetooth Modem or a Belkin®
Bluetooth adapter from Siemens or from an authorized distributor, a
QuickConnect code was included, as shown in Figure 1–9.
The QuickConnect code has the information of the Bluetooth
address (often a reference to go to the BD_ADDR) of that device.
You can usually find the 12-character Bluetooth address
somewhere on the device near the device's serial number
(Figure 1–10). This code will link your HE40T directly to the
desired Bluetooth device.
FIGURE 1–10.

HE40T Wireless Setup

Note: While installing the Bluetooth Configuration Manager
software that was included with your Bluetooth adapter, make sure
to note the Virtual COM Port number the software assigned for the
adapter (e.g., COM 10). This is the COM Port your HE40T will
connect through.
Sample QuickConnect Code
Sample Code
Locating the Bluetooth Address
HE40T Quickstart Guide
Rev 1.0.1, Dec. 2006



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