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He40T Cables - Siemens HE40T Quick Start Manual

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For more information about setting up and using the HE40T with a
wireless Bluetooth configuration, consult the HE40T User Manual.

HE40T Cables

The HE40T is available with USB, RS-232 and PS2 cables. All of
the cables are connected to the HE40T with a 8-pin DIN connector.
Different cables may be required for different hosts.
HE40T with H2 Cabled Handle — The 8-pin DIN connection
is at the bottom of the handle. Firmly push the 8-pin connector
into the bottom of the handle. The cable has a locking
mechanism that will firmly hold the cable in place
(Figure 1–13). To detach the cable from the reader, you must
pinch the plastic on the 8-pin DIN (Figure 1–13) and pull back
to disengage the connector.
FIGURE 1–13.
Install the optional cable clip to further secure the cable to the
handle with two threaded screws, as shown in Figure 1–14.
FIGURE 1–14.
Handle with Cable Attached
Securing Cable Clip with Two Threaded Screws
HE40T Quickstart Guide
Rev 1.0.1, Dec. 2006



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