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Troubleshooting - Bosch AKE 30 LI Original Instructions Manual

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When bucking on a slope, always stand on the
uphill side of the log. When "cutting through",
release the cutting pressure near the end of
the cut without relaxing your grip on the chain
saw handles in order to maintain complete
control. Don't let the chain contact the
ground. After completing the cut, wait for the
saw chain to stop before you move the chain
saw. Always stop the chain saw motor before
moving from tree to tree.
Battery Charge-control Indication
(see figure B)
The battery 17 is equipped with a charge-con-
trol indicator 20 which indicates its charge
condition. The charge-control indicator 20
consists of 3 green LEDs.
Press the button 19 to actuate the charge-
control indicator 20. After approx. 5 seconds,
the charge-control indicator goes out auto-
The charge condition can also be checked
when the battery is removed.
When no LED lights up after actuating the but-
ton 19, the battery is defective and must be
For safety reasons, the charge condition of
the battery can only be checked when the
power tool is at a standstill.
LED Indicators
Continuous lighting of 3
green LEDs
Continuous lighting of 2
green LEDs
Continuous lighting of 1
green LED
Flashing of 1 green LED Reserve


The following chart lists problem symptoms, possible causes and corrective action, if your pow-
er tool does not operate properly. If these do not identify and correct the problem, contact your
service agent.
Warning: Switch off and remove the battery prior to any troubleshooting.
Possible Cause
Chain saw fails
Kickback brake is activated (a warn-
to operate
ing sound ("beep") can be heard)
Battery discharged
Battery not fully connected
Motor protector has activated
Battery too hot/cold
Saw chain will
Battery discharged
not move
Power tool defective
Chain saw oper-
External or internal wiring defect
ates intermit-
On/Off switch 3 defective
Saw chain dry
No oil in reservoir
Vent in oil filler cap 4 clogged
Oil passage clogged
Brake does not
Kickback brake defective
stop saw chain
Bosch Power Tools
During the charging procedure, the three
green LEDs light up one after the other and
briefly go out. The battery is fully charged
when the three green LEDs light up continu-
ously. The three LEDs go out again approx.
5 minutes after the battery has been fully
Temperature Control Indicator
The red LED of the temperature control indi-
cator 21 signals that the battery or the elec-
tronics of the power tool (when the battery is
inserted) are not within the optimum temper-
ature range. In this case, the power tool will
not operate at full capacity.
Temperature Control of the Battery
The red LED 21 flashes when pushing button
19 or pressing the On/Off switch 3 (when the
battery is inserted): The battery is not wihin
the temperature range for operation of
–10 °C to +60 °C.
The battery switches off at a temperature
above 70 °C until the optimum temperature
range is reached again.
Temperature control of the power tool elec-
The red LED 21 lights up continuously when
pressing the On/Off switch 3: The tempera-
ture of the machine's electronics is below
Battery Capacity
5 °C or above 75 °C.
At a temperature above 90 °C , the electron-
≥ 2/3
ics of the power tool switch off until the tem-
perature is within the allowable temperature
range again.
≥ 1/3
≤ 1/3
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Corrective Action
Pull activation lever for kickback
brake (hand guard) 6 back in posi-
Recharge battery; also see "Battery
Ensure both locking levels are en-
Allow motor to cool
Allow to cool/warm
Recharge battery; also see "Battery
Contact Service Agent
Contact your Bosch Service Centre
Contact your Bosch Service Centre
Refill oil
Clean oil filler cap 4
Clean oil passage
Contact your Bosch Service Centre
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