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Bosch AKE 30 LI Original Instructions Manual page 12

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A significantly reduced working period after
charging indicates that the battery is used
and must be replaced.
Observe the notes for disposal.
Battery Cooling (Active Air Cooling)
The fan control integrated in the battery
charger controls the temperature of the in-
serted battery. When the battery temperature
is above 30 °C, a fan cools down the battery
to the optimal charging temperature. The
switched-on fan produces a fan noise.
The battery temperature is within the optimal
charging temperature range when the fan is
not running. Another reason for a non working
fan might be that it is defective. In this case,
the charging time of the battery might be ex-
Mounting and Tensioning the Chain
Saw (see figures C1
Do not insert battery before the chain
saw is completely assembled.
Always wear protective gloves when han-
dling the chain.
Chain and Chain Bar Assembly
– Unpack all parts carefully.
– Place the chain saw on any suitable flat
Use only Bosch approved chains de-
signed for chainbars with 1.1 mm groove
– Slide the saw chain 11 in the slot around
the chain bar 10. Ensure the saw chain is
in the correct running direction by compar-
ing the saw chain with the rotation symbol
27 on bar 10.
– Fit the chain onto the drive sprocket 28
and guide the chain bar 10, so that the fas-
tening bolt 29 and the two guide fins 32 fit
into the keyway of the chain bar 10, and
that the chain tensioning pegs 30 fits into
the respective holes of the chain bar 10.
If necessary, turn the chain tensioning
knob 15 to bring tensioning pegs 30 in
alignment with the hole in the chain bar
– Check if all parts are seated properly and
hold the chain bar and the chain in this po-
– Turn the chain tensioning knob 15 until all
the slack is taken up in the saw chain 11.
– Fit the cover 13 exactly and take care that
the chain catch bolt 33 engages into the
groove of the cover plate 13.
– Lightly tighten the cover 13 with the lock-
ing knob 12.
– The chain is not yet tensioned. The saw
chain is tensioned as described in section
"Tensioning the Saw Chain".
Tensioning the Saw Chain (see figure D)
Always check the chain tension before use, af-
ter the first cuts and regularly during use ap-
prox. every 10 minutes. Upon initial opera-
tion, new chains can lengthen considerably.
The chain life of the saw chain mainly de-
pends upon sufficient lubrication and correct
F 016 L70 758 | (4.10.11)
Avoid tensioning the chain if it is hot, as this
will cause the chain to become overtensioned
and face too tightly against the chain bar
when it cools down.
– Place the chain saw on any suitable flat
– Loosen locking knob 12 until it is just hold-
ing chain bar 10 in position (do not re-
– Check if the chain links are correctly locat-
ed in the slot around the chain bar 10 and
on the drive sprocket 28.
– Turn chain tensioning knob 15 clockwise
until the correct chain tension is reached.
The turning action forces the chain bar 10
forward via the chain tensioning pegs 30.
– The saw chain 11 is correctly tensioned
when it can be raised approx. 5–10 mm
from the chain bar in the centre. This
should be done by using one hand to raise
the saw chain against the weight of the ma-
– If the saw chain 11 is overtensioned, slight-
ly turn the chain tensioning knob 15 anti-
clockwise and re-check chain tension. Re-
adjust chain tension as described if neces-
– Tighten the cover 13 with the locking knob
Saw-chain Lubrication
(see figures C1 and E)
Note: The chain saw is not supplied filled with
oil. It is essential to fill with oil before use. Op-
erating the chain saw without chain oil or
when the oil level is below the minimum mark
will result in damage to the chain saw.
Chain life and cutting capacity depend on op-
timum lubrication. Therefore, the chain is au-
tomatically lubricated with chain oil during
operation via the oil outlet 31.
Filling the oil reservoir:
– Set chain saw on any suitable surface with
the oil filler cap 4 facing upward.
– Clean area around the oil filler cap 4 with a
cloth and unscrew the cap.
– Add Bosch biodegradable chain saw oil un-
til oil level reads "max" on oil level gauge 7.
– Avoid dirt or debris from entering the oil
reservoir. Screw on oil filler cap 4 again
and tighten.
– Run chainsaw for 30 seconds to "prime"
oil system.
Note: To allow venting of the oil reservoir,
small breather channels are provided be-
tween the oil filler cap. To prevent leakage en-
sure chain saw is left in a horizontal position
(oil filler cap 4 uppermost) when not in use.
Note: It is important to use only readily biode-
gradable chain lubricants (according to RAL-
UZ 48) to avoid damage to the chain saw. Nev-
er use recycled/old oil. Use of non approved
oil will invalidate the warranty.
Note: Oil becomes denser at lower tempera-
tures which decreases the flow rate of oil.
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