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Environmental Protection - Bosch AKE 30 LI Original Instructions Manual

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Environmental Protection

Environmental label
"Blue Angel".
Awarded for low noise
and low emission garden
RAL-UZ 129
The contained lithium-ion batteries are sub-
ject to the Dangerous Goods Legislation re-
quirements. The user can transport the bat-
teries by road without further requirements.
When being transported by third parties (e.g.:
air transport or forwarding agency), special
requirements on packaging and labelling must
be observed. For preparation of the item be-
ing shipped, consulting an expert for hazard-
ous material is required.
Dispatch batteries only when the housing is
undamaged. Tape or mask off open contacts
and pack up the battery in such a manner that
it cannot move around in the packaging.
Please also observe possibly more detailed
national regulations.
The machine, accessories and packaging
should be sorted for environmental-friendly
Do not dispose of power tools and batteries/
rechargeable batteries into household waste!
Only for EC countries:
According to the European
Guideline 2002/96/EC, power
tools that are no longer usable,
and according to the European
Guideline 2006/66/EC, defec-
tive or used battery packs/bat-
teries, must be collected separately and dis-
posed of in an environmentally correct
Batteries no longer suitable for use can be
directly returned at:
Great Britain
Robert Bosch Ltd. (B.S.C.)
P.O. Box 98
Broadwater Park
North Orbital Road
UB 9 5HJ
Tel. Service: +44 (0844) 736 0109
Fax: +44 (0844) 736 0146
Battery packs/batteries:
Please observe the instruc-
tions in section "Trans-
port", page 32.
Subject to change without notice.
F 016 L70 758 | (4.10.11)
Bosch Power Tools