Feeding Out More Nylon Line; Fitting A New Spool Of Nylon Line; Care And Maintenance; Replacement Line - Black & Decker GL200 User Manual

String trimmer
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Do not overload your trimmer. It operates
best at high speeds.
On long grass, start at the top.
Take small cuts.
If your trimmer features a cord restraint,
loop a length of cord through the restraint to
prevent the plug and socket coming apart
accidentally if the cord is pulled.
Feeding out more nylon line (Fig. F)
Note: There must be a minimum of 5cm
(2 inches) of nylon line protruding from the
spool cover before your manual-feed trimmer
is operated:
Hold the spool housing firmly with one
hand, and the nylon line with the other,
then pull the nylon line out of the slot.
Pull the nylon line out of the spool
housing in the direction of arrow (a).
Continue to pull the nylon line out of the
spool housing, in the direction of arrow
(b), until there is sufficient line to reach
the edge of the guard, then pull the nylon
line down into the next slot in the spool
housing as indicated by arrow (c).
Note: When your trimmer is operated for the
first time, any excess line will be cut off by
the blade housed in the guard. This is also
the case for any subsequent line adjustment.
Because line cut off by the trimming blade in
the guard may be ejected, it is important that
the amount of excess line is kept to a
minimum. Where an excessive amount of
line is pulled out, the line should be cut back
to the outside of the guard before switching
on your trimmer.
Your manual feed trimmer is now ready
for use.

Fitting a new spool of nylon line

(Fig. G)
Remove the spool and inner cover by
pushing down and turning anticlockwise
in the direction of arrow.
Fit a new, full spool as described in
'Assembling the spool cover'. Alternatively, fit
new nylon line to the empty spool as follows:
Locate one end of the nylon line in one of
the grooves in the spool and wind the
line on to the spool in the direction of the
arrow (anti-clockwise) until it is full.
Fit the inner cover onto the spool and fit
the spool onto your trimmer as described
in 'Assembling the spool cover'.

Replacement line

A new spool containing 5.5 metres of nylon line may
be purchased from your Black & Decker agent.
Alternatively, replacement lines containing 25 to 50
metres of line are available.
For maximum reliability never put on a heavier or
lighter line (eg. fishing line) which will cause motor
failure or reduce cutting performance.

Care and maintenance

For the best performance, please keep the nylon
line, spool and air slots in your trimmer body
clean. Use a dry brush or cloth to remove grass,
sap or other dirt.
Plastic parts may be cleaned by using a mild
soap and a cloth dampened with hot water.
Do not use any other type of detergent, cleaner
or solvent which might contain chemicals that
could seriously damage the plastic. Do not spray
your trimmer with water.
Self lubricating bearings are used in this tool and
so lubrication is not required.

Fault finding

Before checking your trimmer for any faults,
disconnect it from the mains.
If your trimmer vibrates, remove the spool and
replace it in a new position. If this does not cure
the problem try removing the spool and
rewinding the nylon line more tightly on the spool
before replacing it.
If your trimmer will not start check that all power
cables are properly connected. If this does not
work, check your power point then check the
fuse and wiring on the cable extension plug and
female connector.
What to do if your string trimmer
needs repair
For after sales service please refer to the section
'Lawnmowers & Garden' within your local
Yellow Pages.

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