Operation; Maintenance And Storage; Double Insulation - Black & Decker GL200 User Manual

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Always keep the power supply cable
away from the line - be aware of its
position at all times.
Always be sure your trimmer is in a safe
operating condition.
Always switch off and remove the plug if
the supply cable has become damaged
or entangled.
Before using your trimmer, disconnect it
from the electrical supply and visually
check that the spool assembly is secure.
Never fit metal cutting line or wire to your
Always check that your lawn or cutting
path is clear of all sticks, stones, wire
and other debris. Contact with such
debris may be dangerous or may
damage your trimmer.
Take care against injury from the guard
trimming blade.


Your trimmer will continue to run for a
short time after releasing the switch lever.
Always allow your trimmer to stop on
its own.
Release the switch lever to turn your
trimmer off and remove the plug from
the mains:
Whenever you leave your trimmer
Before checking, cleaning, adjusting
or working on your trimmer.
Before clearing a blockage.
If your trimmer starts to vibrate
abnormally (check immediately).
After striking a foreign object, inspect
your trimmer for damage and make
repairs as necessary.
Do not put hands or feet near or under
rotating parts.
Start your trimmer carefully according to
the instructions and with your feet well
away from the cutting line.
Do not use your trimmer in the rain and
do not allow it to get wet. Avoid using
your trimmer in wet grass, if possible.
Use your trimmer only in daylight or good
artificial light.
Do not cross gravel paths or roads whilst
the line is rotating.
Always be sure of your footing,
particularly on slopes.
Always cut across the face of slopes,
never up and down.
Exercise extreme caution when changing
direction on slopes.
Do not cut excessively steep slopes and
always wear non-slip footwear.
Walk, never run. Do not force your trimmer.
Always use your trimmer in the manner
outlined in this manual. Your trimmer is
designed to be used in an upright
position and if it is used in any other way
it may result in injury. Never run your
trimmer whilst it is lying on its side or
upside down.
Never operate your trimmer with
defective guards or shields and always
operate with the guard in position.

Maintenance and storage

Store your trimmer in a dry place when
not in use, out of the reach of children.
Do not use solvents or cleaning fluids to
clean your trimmer - use a blunt scraper
to remove grass and dirt.
Always disconnect from the electrical
supply before cleaning.
Do not operate your trimmer if any parts
are defective; discard all defective parts
and fit new parts before use.
Keep all nuts, bolts and screws tight to
be sure your trimmer is in a safe working
Use only Black & Decker recommended
replacement parts and accessories.
Black & Decker's policy is one of continuous
improvement to our products and, as such, we
reserve the right to change product specifications
without prior notice.

Double insulation

Your trimmer is double insulated.
This means that all external metal parts are
electrically isolated from the power supply.
This is achieved by placing an extra
insulation barrier between the electrical and
mechanical parts. Double insulation means
greater electrical safety and obviates the
necessity of having your trimmer earthed.

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Table of Contents

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