Assembling The Spool; Preparing Your Trimmer For Use; How To Use Your Trimmer - Black & Decker GL200 User Manual

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Note: There is no need to remove the terminal
screws. Connections are not to be made under
the screw heads.
washer conductor
Locate the cable and cable protector into the
body correctly (see below, figure a). Then fit the
cable clamp over the outer sheath of the cable
and screw down until the screws are fully home.
Failure to do this may result in the cover not
fitting correctly to the connector body.
Before replacing the cover of the 'female'
connector make sure that the cable clamp is
holding the outer sheath of the cable firmly with
screws fully home and that the two leads are
correctly fixed at the terminal screws and are not
taut (see below, figure a).
Place the cover onto the body assembly
ensuring that it seats flat, then retighten the fixing
screw into the nut until the cover is securely held
(see below, figure c).
Finally check that the cable protector is secure
and that there are no gaps between the cover
and the connector body.

Preparing your trimmer for use

(Fig. B - D)
Take your trimmer, guard and parts pack
out of the box.
Remove the guard screw from the parts
terminal screw
to left of screw
terminal screws
clamping washers
connector body
fixing screw
Place the guard over the spool housing
on your trimmer taking care that the line
does not become stuck between the
two parts.
Align the square marking on the guard
with the square marking on your trimmer
body and push the guard upwards until it
almost contacts the underside of the
body. Now turn the guard in the direction
indicated by the arrow.
The guard is secure when the ridges on
the guard have fitted into the slots in the
body, and the spring finger has located.
Once the guard is in position, secure the
guard screw which goes through the
guard screw hole and into screw boss in
the body.
To avoid damage in transit, the spool has
been packed in a polythene bag.
Assembling the spool (Fig. E)
Thread the line through the hole in the
inner cover and then unclip the line from
the groove in the top face of the spool.
Place the inner cover on the spool.
Ensure that sufficient line is threaded
through the hole in the inner cover before
fitting the spool to the spool carrier.
Grip the spool with one hand and the
spool carrier with the other. Fit the spool
by pushing down in the direction of arrow
(a) and twisting clockwise in the direction
of arrow (b) until you feel it click into
How to use your trimmer (Figs. 1 - 8)
To switch on your trimmer press the switch
lever. To switch off your trimmer, release the
switch lever.
In order to get the most from your trimmer
please learn the following techniques.
Do not be impatient, you will obtain the best
results by experience and by following these
simple rules.
Do not use your trimmer without its guard.
Do not cut wet grass, best results are
achieved when the grass is dry.
Cut at an angle and with the tip of the nylon
line. Your trimmer is balanced to operate at
this angle.
Swing your trimmer gently from side to side.

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