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Setting The Temperature Control; Freezer Features - Kenmore 183.134013 Use And Care Manual

Bottom drawer chest freezer
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• For safe food storage, allow 4 hours after starting
operation for the freezer to cool down completely. The
freezer will run continuously for the first several hours.
Foods that are already frozen may be placed in the
freezer after the first few hours of operation. Unfrozen
foods should NOT be loaded into the freezer until the
freezer has operated for 4 hours.
• When loading the freezer, freeze only 3 pounds of fresh
food per cubic foot of freezer space at one time.
Distribute packages to be frozen evenly throughout the
freezer. It is not necessary to turn the control knob to a
colder setting while freezing food.
The green Power On light indicates that the freezer is
properly connected to electrical power. The light glows
even when the temperature control is turned to OFF. If the
light goes out, refer to the Freezer Does Not Run Section
in the Troubleshooting
Guide. If the freezer appears to
be operating, the light element might be burned out. Call
1-800--4-MY-HOME® for replacement.
This basket helps organize odd-shaped items. To reach
other packages in the freezer, slide the basket aside, or lift
The temperature control is located on the right exterior
wall. The temperature control is adjustable to provide a
range of temperatures for your personal satisfaction. The
freezer has 6 temperature settings. If a colder temperature
is desired, turn the temperature control knob toward
setting #6 and allow several hours for temperatures to
stabilize between adjustments.
• The Access Plus
is a uniquely designed chest freezer
with a separate drawer. The 2 food compartments, in
addition to the storage basket, are the ultimate in food
storage organization.
• Vegetable bags are easily accessible from the food bas-
ket. Meats can be stored in the upper compartment,
which is cooler than the bottom drawer. Soft foods such
as breakfast waffles, frozen boxed sausages, ice creams,
etc., are perfect for the bottom drawer.
NOTE: Recommend starting at setting #4 and adjust
NOTE: Temperatures will be affected by the settings, by
the surrounding temperature and by the amount of food in
the freezer.
Slide-Aside Basket
The Access Plus
freezer is equipped with a Fast-Freeze
feature. This feature will activate the compressor and keep
the freezer running continuously, driving the freezer to its
coldest possible temperature. Use this feature just prior to
adding large quantities of unfrozen foods.
The Fast-Freeze switch is located by the temperature
control on the right exterior wall. Press the orange switch
to activate. Indicator light turns on when activated. Turn off
the Fast Freeze feature once food has reached desired
Freezer comes with casters for easy mobility. Install the
casters on the 4 bottom comers. Slide caster in the
provided slot. Once the caster is in place, secure itwith a
provided screw.
NOTE: Phillips Head screwddver required.

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