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Setting The Temperature Control; Optional Features - Kenmore 253.12112 Series Use & Care Manual

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Setting the
Temperature Control
Cool Down Period
• For safe food storage, allow 4 hours for
the appliance to cool down completely.
The unit will run continuously for the first
several hours. Foods that are already
frozen may be placed in the appliance
after the first few hours of operation.
Unfrozen foods should NOT be loaded
into the unit until the freezer has operated
for 4 hours.
• When loading the appliance, freeze only
3 pounds of fresh food per cubic foot of
space at one time. Distribute packages to
be frozen evenly throughout the unit. It is
not necessary to turn the control knob to a
colder setting while freezing food.
Temperature Control
Electromechanical Temperature Control
(some chest and upright models)
The electromechanical temperature control
is located inside the appliance on upright
models, and on the left exterior wall on
chest models. The temperature is factory
preset to provide satisfactory food storage
temperatures. However, the temperature
control is adjustable to provide a range of
temperatures for your personal satisfaction.
To adjust the temperature setting, turn the
temperature control knob clockwise or
counterclockwise. Allow several hours for the
temperature to stabilize between adjustments.

Optional Features

Your appliance may have some, or all of
the features listed below. Become familiar
with these features, and their use and care.
Security Lock with Pop-Out Key
This security lock fastens the door snugly,
ensuring stored food is secure. To lock or
unlock the freezer, push the key into the lock
and turn. The key pops out of the lock after
it has been turned.
Blue Defrost Button
It is time to defrost and clean the freezer
when the blue defrost button is completely
covered with frost.
Temp Alarm
This feature is designed to provide a warning
if the inside temperature reaches an unsafe
level. The temperature feature operates on
household electricity. It will not function if
household electricity is interrupted.
To silence the alarm, press the set button
next to the ALARM OFF indicator on the
display or any key on the control panel.
Interior Light
The light comes on automatically when the
door is opened. To replace the light bulb,
turn the temperature control to OFF and
unplug the electrical cord. Replace the old
bulb with a bulb of the same wattage.
(some chest models)
Blue Defrost Button