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Setting The Temperature Control; Optional Features - Kenmore 253.17502 Series Use & Care Manual

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Setting the
Temperature Control
Cool Down Period
• For safe food storage, allow four hours for
the freezer to cool down completely. The
freezer will run continuously for the first
several hours. Foods that are already fro-
zen may be placed in the freezer after the
first few hours of operation. Unfrozen foods
should NOT be loaded into the freezer until
the freezer has operated for four hours.
• When loading the freezer, freeze only
three pounds of fresh food per cubic foot
of freezer space at one time. Distribute
packages to be frozen evenly throughout
the freezer. It is not necessary to turn the
control knob to a colder setting while
freezing food.
Temperature Control
The temperature control is located on the
front exterior wall. The temperature is
factory preset to a position which should
provide a satisfactory food storage tem-
perature during normal operating conditions.
However, the temperature control is adjust-
able to provide a range of temperatures for
your personal satisfaction.
If a colder temperature is desired, turn the
temperature control knob toward MAX. Adjust
the temperature gradually, in small increments,
and allow the temperature to stabilize. For
warmer temperatures, adjust the knob toward
MIN. Allow several hours for temperatures to
stabilize between adjustments.
Setting the temperature control to the OFF
position turns the cooling system off, but
the power light will still glow.
(may vary by model)

Optional Features

Your freezer may have some or all of
the optional features described below.
Become familiar with these features and
their use and care.
Power On Light
The green Power On indicator light indicates
that the freezer is properly connected to
electrical power. The light glows even when
the temperature control is turned to OFF. If
the light goes out, refer to FREEZER DOES
NOT RUN Section in the Troubleshooting
Guide. If the freezer appears to be
operating, the light element may be burned
out. To schedule light element replacement,
in the U.S.A. call 1-844-553-6667, and in
Canada call 1-800-469-4663.
Defrost Drain
The defrost drain provides a method of
draining the water during defrosting and
cleaning. See "Defrosting" in Care &
Cleaning section.



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