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Freezer Features; Wire Freezer Shelf; Glass Freezer Shelf - Whirlpool W10462760B Use & Care Manual

Top mount refrigerator
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Crisper Humidity Control (on some models)
You can control the amount of humidity in the moisture-sealed
crisper. Adjust the control to any setting between LOW and HIGH.
LOW (open) lets moist air out of the crisper for best storage of
fruits and vegetables with skins.
Fruit: Wash, let dry and store in refrigerator in plastic bag or
crisper. Do not wash or hull berries until they are ready to use.
Sort and keep berries in original container in crisper, or store in
a loosely closed paper bag on a refrigerator shelf.
Vegetables with skins: Place in plastic bag or plastic container
and store in crisper.
HIGH (closed) keeps moist air in the crisper for best storage of
fresh, leafy vegetables.
Leafy vegetables: Wash in cold water, drain and trim or tear off
bruised and discolored areas. Place in plastic bag or plastic
container and store in crisper.


Your model may have some or all of these features.
Important information to know about glass shelves
and covers:
Do not clean glass shelves or covers with warm water when
they are cold. Shelves and covers may break if exposed to
sudden temperature changes or impact, such as bumping.
Tempered glass is designed to shatter into many small,
pebble-size pieces. This is normal. Glass shelves and covers
are heavy. Use both hands when removing them to avoid

Wire Freezer Shelf

(on some models)
To remove and replace a wire shelf:
1. Remove the shelf by lifting the entire shelf slightly and moving
it all the way to the left-hand side. Tilt the right-hand side up
and out of the shelf supports.
2. Replace the shelf by inserting the left-hand end all the way
into the shelf supports. Then, lower the right-hand end of the
shelf and insert it into the shelf supports.
NOTE: The shelf should lower slightly and lock into place. If the
shelf does not appear stable, make sure both ends of the shelf are
inserted into the shelf supports.

Glass Freezer Shelf

(on some models)
To remove and replace a glass shelf:
1. Lift the front of the shelf to raise the shelf tabs up and out of
the opening in each shelf track. Slide the shelf out the rest of
the way.
2. Replace the shelf by tilting the back end downward to align
the back shelf tab under the track on each side of the freezer.
Gently push the shelf into the freezer until the two center shelf
tabs are positioned within the opening in each track. Lower
the shelf to rest on the shelf tracks.
Frozen Food Storage Guide
Storage times will vary according to the quality and type of food,
the type of packaging or wrap used (should be airtight and
moisture-proof), and the storage temperature. Seal the package
or container securely to avoid taste and odor transfer throughout
the product. Ice crystals inside a sealed package are normal. This
simply means that moisture in the food and air inside the package
have condensed, creating ice crystals.
Put no more unfrozen food into the freezer than will freeze within
24 hours (no more than 2 to 3 lbs of food per cubic foot [907 to
1,350 g per L] of freezer space). Leave enough space in the
freezer for air to circulate around packages. The freezer door must
close tightly.
NOTE: For more information on preparing food for freezing, check
a freezer guide or reliable cookbook.



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