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Adjust The Doors; Install Air Filter - Whirlpool W10462760B Use & Care Manual

Top mount refrigerator
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Adjust the Doors

IMPORTANT: To comply with American Disabilities Act (ADA)
guidelines, fully retract the rollers into the cabinet to lower the
Door Closing
The base grille covers the leveling/roller assemblies located at the
bottom of the refrigerator cabinet. Before making adjustments,
remove the base grille and move the refrigerator to its final
1. Remove the base grille. Grasp the grille firmly and pull it
toward you.
2. If you did not install the brake foot on the hinge side when you
unpacked the refrigerator, install the brake foot now. See
"Unpack the Refrigerator."
3. Move the refrigerator to its final location.
NOTE: To allow the refrigerator to roll easier, raise the leveling
legs or brake feet off the floor by turning them
counterclockwise. The front rollers will be touching the floor.
4. Make sure the doors close easily. If you are satisfied with the
door opening and closing, skip steps 3 and 4. If the doors do
not close easily or the doors pop open, adjust the tilt.
Style 1 - Flat Door Models
Use a socket driver to adjust the leveling screws. Turn the
leveling screw to the right to raise that side of the
refrigerator or turn the leveling screw to the left to lower
that side. It may take several turns of the leveling screws
to adjust the tilt of the refrigerator.
NOTE: Having someone push against the top of the
refrigerator takes some weight off the leveling screws and
rollers which makes it easier to adjust.
Style 2 - Contour Door Models
Use a ¹⁄₄" open-end wrench to turn both brake feet
clockwise. This will raise the front of the refrigerator tilting
it slightly downward to the rear. Turn both brake feet the
same amount.
NOTE: Having someone push against the top of the
refrigerator takes some weight off the brake feet making
them easier to turn.
A. Brake foot
B. Front roller
5. Open both doors again to make sure they close as easily as
you like and that they stay closed. If not, tilt the refrigerator
slightly more to the rear. It may take several more turns.
NOTE: To keep the refrigerator level, you should turn both
leveling screws or brake feet (depending on your model) the
same amount.
6. Replace the base grille.
Door Aligning
If the space between your doors looks uneven, you can adjust it
using the following instructions:
1. Pry off the top hinge cover.
2. Loosen the top hinge screws using a ⁵⁄₁₆" socket or wrench.
3. Have someone hold the door in place or put a spacer between
the doors while you tighten the top hinge screws.
4. Replace the top hinge cover.

Install Air Filter

(on some models)
On some models, your refrigerator's accessory packet includes
an air filter, which must be installed prior to use. On some models,
the air filter is already installed at the factory.
The air filter reduces the buildup of odors. This helps to maintain a
cleaner environment inside the refrigerator.