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4-8.Fitting Instructions For The Integrated Dishwasher - Haier proline IDW12P-E Servise Manual

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Service Manual
Model No:IDW12P-E/IDW12P-U

4-8.Fitting instructions for the integrated dishwasher

Technical Information for Installation
The control panel (except in the completely built-in version) can be easily aligned with the kitchen
drawers, using the spacers supplied with the appliance ( see Fig.1 and Fig.2).The height of the
control panel is 115 mm, while the three spacers each add 7.5 mm in height.
Adjusting the Height of the Control Panel
If the kitchen decor requires that the height of the panel be modified , it can be increased by
adding spacers at the bottom of the control panel itself (see Fig.1 and Fig.2). Each spacer adds
7.5 mm in height.
Mounting the Wooden Panel onto the Door and Sliding the Dishwasher into the Cabinet
During the preparatory stages for installing the dishwasher into the kitchen cabinet, holes must
not be drilled in the sides, or door, in order to avoid compromising the performance and/or
operation of the appliance. Before working on any internal components, the unit must be
disconnected from the power supply.The maximum dimensions for the wood panel that can be
installed on the door are: Height - 610 mm ( 725 mm for the completely built-in version); Width –
598 mm; Thickness:20 mm.
The height dimension of 610 mm must be reduced if the height of the control panel is increased
through the use of the spacers. In addition, the base must be trimmed if it interferes with the
opening of the door.
Using the Drilling Template (Fig.3 – totally built-in and Fig.4 - integrated with control
panel )
Align the top edge of the template (identified with the "A" arrow ) with the top edge of the panel.
On both sides of the template (top and bottom ) are written the various dimensions that
correspond to the different possible widths for the panel. Align the template with the side of the
panel (left or right), making sure that the panel coincides with the appropriate dimensions. Mark
the positions for the holes for the screws, using the tip of a drill or a pencil. The three holes closest
to the side should be used(B). Repeat this step on the other side of the panel ,using the
corresponding side of the template.



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