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Summary of Contents for Haier HDW15F3S1

  • Page 1 User Manual Dishwasher HDW15F3S1 HDW15F3B1 NZ AU...
  • Page 2 Thank you NZ AU Please read these instructions carefully before using this appliance. The instructions contain important information which will help you get the best out of the appliance and ensure safe and proper installation, use and maintenance. Keep this manual in a convenient place so you can always refer to it for the safe and proper use of the appliance.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Content NZ AU Safety ........................Installation ......................Technical Data ..................... 10 Product Description ..................Control Panel ...................... Programme ......................Before first use ....................Daily Use ......................Wi-Fi Connection ................... Care and Cleaning ....................Troubleshooting ....................Customer service ....................Standards Test ....................
  • Page 4: Safety

    Safety NZ AU Intended Use The appliance is designed for domestic use inside the house,or in similar applications such as staff kitchen areas in working environments, farm houses, by clients in hotels, motels or other residential environments, and bed and breakfast environments.It is not intended for commercial or industrial use.
  • Page 5 Safety NZ AU During Daily Use Do… supervise children to prevent them playing with the appliance. put sharp pointed objects (e.g. knives) in a way that there is no danger of injury. Do not… open the door while a programme operates. The appliance can release hot steam.
  • Page 6: Installation

    Installation NZ AU WARNING! Any installation may be carried out only by a qualitied technician refer to section SAFETY. Free Standing Installation Install the appliance on solid ground. Adjust accurately all feet Only with a correct level the appliance door closes and seals correctly.
  • Page 7 Installation NZ AU Fresh Water Connection IMPORTANT! The appliance should be connected to the water main using the new water >10mm inlet hose supplied. Old hoses should not be used. Do not shorten the inlet hose. fig.A Take note of water connection requirements. The dishwasher has a single valve water connection.
  • Page 8 Installation NZ AU Anti-Flooding protection The dishwasher is equipped with a system that stops the supply of water in the event of a problem with the water supply hose, or leaks within the unit, in order to prevent damage to your home. If for any reason the box containing the electrical components happens to get damaged, turn off the power supply and remove the plug for the appliance from the socket immediately.
  • Page 9 Installation NZ AU Drain hose to waste water connection The internal diameter of the stand pipe with vent-hole must be minimum 40 mm. Put the drain hose for approx.80 mm in the wastewater pipe. Attach the U-support and secure it sufficiently Drain hose to sink connection When connecting the drain hose to a...
  • Page 10 Installation NZ AU Service hole REAR WALL FLOOR PROFILE SERVICE HOLEDIMENSIONS Maximum distance between rear of cavity and service hole* Maximum distance between floor and service hole** 0-50 C Minimumdiameterofservicehole * based on a cabinetry depth of 580mm **depending on adjustment of levelling feet...
  • Page 11: Technical Data

    Suppliers name or trade Haier mark HDW15F3S1 HDW15F3B1 Supplier´s model identifier Rated capacity in standard place settings 0.03 -1Mpa ( =0.3 -10bar ) Mainswater pressure...
  • Page 12: Product Description

    Product Description NZ AU 1. Upper spray arm 6. Rating label 2. Lower spray arm 7. Lower basket 3. Filte 8. Upper basket 4. Rinse aid dispenser 9. Cutlery/Utensil tray 5. Detergent dispenser Accessories Check the accessories and literature in accordance with this list: water-proof water inlet hose U-support...
  • Page 13: Control Panel

    Control Panel NZ AU 1. ON/OFF icon 2. START/PAUSE icon 3. Time&Info Display/Indicator icon 4. PROGRAMME icon 5. Option icon 6. Status Indication Time & Info display During any selection the display shows by flashing related information like Programme cycle time Programme start delay time Error codes and service information After start of an operation it dispalys without flashing...
  • Page 14 Control Panel NZ AU Indicator Icon If the indicator lights up: Rinse aid is empty! Rinse aid After adding Rinse Aid,the indicator lights off. If the indicator lights up, The appliance does not fill Water tap with water.Check section:“TROUBLE SHOOTING” If the indicator lights up, the dishwasher is successfully Wi-Fi connected to the Wi-Fi.
  • Page 15 Control Panel NZ AU Intensive + Prolong washing time and enhance washing effect. This function increases the temperatures and retains them for an extra long time to obtain a defined Steam + disinfection performance. In the last stage of rinsing, the washing temperature Dry + is increased and the drying time is prolonged to enhance the drying effect of tableware.
  • Page 16: Programme

    Programme NZ AU Programme Type of food residue Type of load Light to heavy soil: Non-delicate: Casseroles,sauces, potatoes, Dinnerware, cutlery, pasta, rice,roasted or fried food pots and pans Heavy soil: Non-delicate: Casseroles, sauces, potatoes , Dinnerware, cutlery, pasta, rice, roasted or fried food pots and pans Daily soil: Non-delicate:...
  • Page 17: Before First Use

    Before first use NZ AU First Steps Remove all packaging materials, keep them out of children’s reach and dispose them in an environmentally friendly manner.There could be water residue inside the appliance due to quality checks in the factory. Perform in the following steps: Install the appliance.
  • Page 18 Before first use NZ AU Detergent with multifunction (e.g. Multitabs) combine detergent and rinse aid: The rinse aid setting should be adjust to . Please use the setting instructions in section HOW TO ADJUST SETTINGS and select the setting. The rinse aid is added from the rinse aid dispenser in addition to the multitabs rinse aid.
  • Page 19 Before first use NZ AU Powder detergent quantity recommendations Use the table below to determine the optimal powder detergent quantity for each wash programme. If the water is hard in your area, more detergent may be required. Refer to 'Water Hardness' for more details WASH PRE WASH MAIN WASH...
  • Page 20 Before first use NZ AU How to Adjust Settings Adjust the Rinse Aid level 1. The appliance is switched on. 2. Press and hold about 3 seconds until: The display shows the current Rinse Aid setting (the default is 3. Press to change the Rinse Aid setting in steps between (minimum dispense,no rinse aid is set) and (maximum dispense,...
  • Page 21 Before first use NZ AU Dishwasher operation 1. Load the baskets. 2. Press the ON/OFF icon to activate the appliance. If the rinse aid indicator is on, fill the rinse aid dispenser and reset the rinse aid indicator, refer to section HOW TO RESET THE RINSE AID IDNICATOR.
  • Page 22: Daily Use

    Daily Use NZ AU Load the Baskets With delicate glasses and porcelain make sure they are labelled dishwasher-proof. Do not put in the appliance items made of wood, horn, aluminium, pewter and copper. Do not put in the appliance items that can absorb water (sponges, household cloths).
  • Page 23 Daily Use NZ AU Upper baskets The upper basket is designed The upper basket is designed to to hold items like glasses, hold items like glasses,cups, cups, saucers, plates, small saucers, plates, small bowls and bowls and shallow pans. shallow pans. You can adjust the height of the upper basket to create more space for tall items in...
  • Page 24 Daily Use NZ AU Foldable tine rack Some tines can be folded down as needed to make space for other items. Cutlery/Utensil tray Use the tray to secure cutlery and utensils. Place cutlery into the notches to secure. Place larger utensils in the middle of the tray.
  • Page 25 Daily Use NZ AU Detergent Please use only a dedicated dishwasher detergent and follow the related instructions and dosage on its package. Using powder detergent For powder detergent quantities, refer to the following 'Powder detergent quantity recommendations' table and the detergent manufacturer’s guidance.
  • Page 26 Daily Use NZ AU Start a Programme 1. Close the door. 2. Press the ON/OFF icon 3. Press the program icon you want to select and then the required programme indicator flashes. Additionally the display shows the programme run-time. 4. If need select a start time for a delay start, refer to section START A PROGRAMME WITH DELAY.
  • Page 27 Daily Use NZ AU Start a Programme with Delay Set a start time by the following procedure in order to delay a programme start: 1. Set a programme. icon 2. Press the reservation 3. Press the START/PAUSE icon The display shows the countdown time of start. The countd own decreases with steps of 1 hour.
  • Page 28 Daily Use NZ AU Automatic door opening setting 1. The appliance is switched on. 2. Press and hold for about 3 seconds until : The display shows the current Rinse Aid setting. 3. Press to scroll to 4. Press to toggle between represents that the automatic door opening function is turned off.
  • Page 29: Wi-Fi Connection

    For further guidance and troubleshooting, please refer to the app. On your mobile device: 1.Download the app from: Australia New Zealand 2.Register and create an account. 3.Add your appliance and set up the Wi-Fi connection. Connecting to your home Wi-Fi With the product in standby (Screen is off):...
  • Page 30: Care And Cleaning

    Care and Cleaning NZ AU Cleaning the filter, spray arms and filter plate Disconnect the dishwasher from the power supply and allow it to cool before undertaking any cleaning or maintenance. We recommend that the drain filter and filter plate are removed and cleaned once a month or whenever there is evidence of food particles.
  • Page 31 Care and Cleaning NZ AU Care and Cleaning Care and Cleaning of the Spray Arms Spray arms should be regularly inspected for dirt. If needed the spray arms could be removed. Do not remove the top spray arm for cleaning. Clean with a small, plastic-bristled brush.
  • Page 32: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting NZ AU Many occuring problems could be solved by yourself without specific expertise. In case of a problem please check all shown possibilities and follow below instructions before you contact an after sales service CAUTION! Before maintenance, deactivate the appliance and disconnect the power plug from the power socket.
  • Page 33 Troubleshooting NZ AU Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause Possible solution Acoustic alarm, Anti-flood device is on: • Close the water tap. display shows • There are water leakages Disconnect appliance from • ALARMCODE in the appliance. Leak: The drain • The water inlet valve is power supply.
  • Page 34 Troubleshooting NZ AU Problem Possible cause Possible solution Increase the released quantity of rinse aid. Rinse aid dosage is too low. Refer to section DIFFERENT SETTINGS Dry water drop FOR RINSE AID. stains on glasses and dishes. Cleaning product too old, change the Quality of rinse aid or Multitab.
  • Page 35 Standards Test NZ AU When the programme is finished, open the Wash programme door to help with drying Powder detergent quantities 5g pre-wash+28.75 g main wash Rinse aid dosage level Maximum number of place settings Ensure the upper basket is in its lower most Height adjustment of upper basket position Recommended loading patterns...
  • Page 36: Customer Service

    Customer service NZ AU We recommend our Haier Customer Service and the use of original spare parts. If you have a problem with your appliance, please first check TROUBLESHOOTING. If you cannot find a solution there, please contact: Your local dealer.
  • Page 40 条形码尺寸40*8mm,由厂家生成。 0120505524...

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