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Toshiba BMS-CM1280TLE Installation Manual

Compliant manager bms-cm1280tle.
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Installation Manual
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   Summary of Contents for Toshiba BMS-CM1280TLE

  • Page 1

    COMPLIANT MANAGER Installation Manual Model name: BMS-CM1280TLE BMS-CM1280FTLE • Save These Instructions! ENGLISH...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager Contents 1 PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY ......... . . 3 2 PACKAGED ITEMS OF COMPLIANT MANAGER .

  • Page 3: Precautions For Safety

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager PRECAUTIONS FOR SAFETY After the installation work, perform a trial operation to check for any problem. Explain how to use and maintain the unit to the customer. Ask the customer to keep this Installation Manual. WARNING •...

  • Page 4: Packaged Items Of Compliant Manager

    Compliant Manager Owner’s Manual Installation Manual Manual Network Setting Manual * Packaged for BMS-CM1280FTLE only CD-R * Packaged for BMS-CM1280FTLE only BMS-CM1280TLE Clamp filter BMS-CM1280FTLE BMS-CM1280TLE Tie-wraps BMS-CM1280FTLE External Dimensions 8.5 5Ø Dimensions of unit fixing holes in the wall, etc.

  • Page 5: Installation Of The Compliant Manager

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager INSTALLATION OF THE COMPLIANT MANAGER CAUTION • Do not twist communication wires (used between indoor unit and outdoor unit and used for central control) and input/ output wires with power wires or bundle them together with power wires in a metal tube. Doing so may cause malfunction.

  • Page 6: Connection Of Power Cables/signal Wires/earth Wires

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager CONNECTION OF POWER CABLES/SIGNAL WIRES/EARTH WIRES Connect power cables, signal wires, and earth wires to the specified terminals on the terminal block. Optional for BMS- TCC-LINK main Bus (LINE2) CM1280FTLE only Energy Monitoring Interface Digital I/O Interface Outdoor Unit RS-485 Power Supply...

  • Page 7

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager <Connections to External Equipment> Compliant Manager side External equipment side Input/ Designation Output Input/output Demarcation Example of Input/output Terminal name item conditions terminal circuit conditions 0.4 to 1.2 Ø Alarm output Alarm Run output Digital input Non-voltage “A”...

  • Page 8: Mode Setting For The Controller

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager MODE SETTING FOR THE CONTROLLER Operation mode Use SW1-<6> for the operation mode setting. OFF side: Central control mode This Compliant Manager is used as a central control unit. Settings with the remote controller are inhibited by the setting of the Compliant Manager. ON side: Remote control mode This Compliant Manager is used as a remote controller.

  • Page 9

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager <System Configuration of the Compliant Manger> • Each line consists of up to 64 zones and 64 groups (up to 128 zones and 128 groups in total). • Each group number is a central control address. (Effective values 1 to 64 and 99 are unset values.) •...

  • Page 10: Switches For Setting

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager SWITCHES FOR SETTING The settings switch is installed on the rear of the Compliant Manager. 1 2 3 Must be set ALL ON ALL OFF to OFF Normal NOT CHANGE ALL OFF Fire alram CENTRAL 1 PERMITTED ALL Normal ALL OFF AND CENTRAL 1...

  • Page 11

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager <DIP-SW1> Factory setting: All OFF <1> Compliant Manager main/sub selection DIP-SW1 OFF: Main 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ON: Sub Normally, this bit is set to OFF. When two Compliant Manager units are used as a main unit and a sub unit with the same mode setting, set this bit to OFF (Main) for one unit and to ON (Sub) for the other unit.

  • Page 12

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager Factory setting: All OFF <DIP-SW2> DIP-SW2 <1> to <3> Timer input switching 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 These bits switch operation when the schedule timer has changed. • Use (1) and (2) only in the remote control mode. •...

  • Page 13

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager <DIP-SW3> Factory setting: All OFF DIP-SW3 2 3 4 <1> Always OFF • Always set this bit to OFF. <2> Synchronization of Setting Zone data OFF: With transfer ON: Without transfer This bit specifies whether to perform synchronous communication of Setting Zone data between Compliant Managers.

  • Page 14: Central Control Address (group Number) Setting

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager CENTRAL CONTROL ADDRESS (GROUP NUMBER) SETTING • Central control addresses must be assigned to all air conditioners to be controlled. • Under the control of the Compliant Manager, central control address equals group number. For address setting when connecting a TCC-LINK adapter to the central control system, refer to this manual and the TCC-LINK adapter installation manual.

  • Page 15

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager • When a zone is selected, group numbers registered in the zone are displayed. • Groups whose numbers are displayed are already registered. • Even when addresses have been registered, the registration can be cancelled with the button.

  • Page 16

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager <Correcting duplicate address> Correct the duplicate address detected through the check using the following procedure. (1) When the duplicate address check has been completed, select CODE No. C1 with the SET TEMP. button. (2) Press the button.

  • Page 17: Zone Setting

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager ZONE SETTING Register groups in a zone or cancel them. (1) Change the mode to the zone setting mode. • Press the button, button, and ZONE button simultaneously for at least 4 seconds. (The displayed zone number flashes and the Compliant Manager enters the zone setting mode. Indicates CODE No.

  • Page 18: Changing Return-back Time/temperature Settings

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager CHANGING RETURN-BACK TIME/ TEMPERATURE SETTINGS Return-back time and return-back temperature (CODE No. settings) can be changed using the following procedure. NOTE Do not change the data of CODE No. 0A and the following item codes to prevent the remote controller from malfunctioning.

  • Page 19

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager LINE 1 Indoor unit Indoor unit ZONE GROUP Installation place ZONE GROUP Installation place – 19 – 18-EN...

  • Page 20

    Installation Manual Compliant Manager LINE 2 Indoor unit Indoor unit ZONE GROUP Installation place ZONE GROUP Installation place – 20 – 19-EN...

  • Page 21: Test Run

    (Temperature cannot be set during a test run.) (3) When the test run is completed, press the button to exit the test run mode. SPECIFICATIONS Model BMS-CM1280TLE BMS-CM1280FTLE Power supply 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz Power consumption Number of connectable indoor units (TCC-LINK)

  • Page 22

    MEMO – 22 – 21-EN...

  • Page 23

    – 23 – 22-EN...

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