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Bosch HBC86K7.3N Instruction Manual: Malfunction Table; Replacing The Oven Light Bulb; Replacing The Door Seal

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Malfunction table

The appliance does not work.
"Set clock" appears in the display. The
time displayed is not the current time.
The oven does not heat up. The text
"Demo" appears in the status bar.
"Automatic switch-off" appears in the
The microwave does not switch on.
The appliance does not heat up to the
temperature which has been set.
Microwave operation has been
cancelled for no apparent reason.
With microwave operation, the food
takes longer to heat up than before.
Error messages with E
If an error message with E is shown in the display, press the
button. Then reset the clock. This cancels the error message. If
the error is shown again, call the after-sales service. With error
messages E101, E104 and E106, you can still operate the
If error message E011 is displayed, a button may have become
stuck. Press each button individually and check that they are all
clean. If the error message remains, please contact the after-
sales service.

Replacing the oven light bulb

It is possible to replace the oven light. Heat-resistant 12 V,
20 W halogen bulbs can be obtained from After-sales Service
or a specialist retailer.
Risk of electric shock!
Never replace the oven light when the appliance is switched on.
Pull out the mains plug or switch off the appliance at the circuit
breaker in the fuse box.
Note. Always remove the new halogen bulb from the packaging
using a dry cloth. This increases the service life of the bulb.
Switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box.
Place a tea towel in the cold oven to prevent damage.
Remove the glass cover. To do so, prise open the glass
cover at the bottom by hand.
Should you experience difficulties removing the glass cover,
use a spoon to help. (Fig. A)
Possible cause
Defective fuse
Plug not plugged in
Power cut
Power cut
The oven is in demo mode
Automatic switch-off has been activated.
The oven stops heating.
Door not fully closed.
The microwave was not started.
button was not pressed.
The microwave has a fault.
The microwave power setting is too low.
A larger amount than usual has been
placed in the appliance.
The food was colder than usual.
Look in the fuse box and check that the circuit
breaker is in working order.
Plug it in.
Check whether the kitchen light works.
Turn the rotary selector to set the current time
then press the
Switch off the circuit breaker in the fuse box
and then switch back on after approx.
20 seconds. Within the next 2 minutes hold
button down for 4 seconds until
"Demo" disappears.
Press any button. The text disappears. You
can make settings again.
Check whether food remains or foreign
material is trapped in the door. Make sure that
the sealing surfaces are clean. Check whether
the door seal is twisted.
Press the
Press the
If this fault occurs repeatedly, please call the
after-sales service. Oven operation without
microwave is possible.
Select a higher power setting.
Double the amount = almost double the time
Stir or turn the food during cooking
Remove the bulb and replace with a bulb of the same type.
(Fig. B)
Refit the glass cover. (Fig. C)
Remove the tea towel. Switch the circuit breaker in the fuse
box back on or plug in the mains plug.

Replacing the door seal

If the door seal is defective, it must be replaced. Replacement
seals for your appliance can be obtained from the after-sales
service. Please supply your appliance's E number and FD


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