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Volkswagen Multivan Controls And Features Page 62

Multivan; caravelle; transporter.
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2 - Position for steep hills
This selector lever position is suitable for
long climbs and descents.
The 1st and 2nd gears are shifted up and
down automatically depending on engine
load and road speed. The 3rd and 4th gears
are not engaged in orderto avoid unnecess-
ary gear changes. This further increases the
engine braking effect on deceleration.
1 - Position for very steep hills
This selector
lever position
is recom-
mended for very steep descents.
To engage this gear, the lock button in the
selector lever handle must be pressed in.
The vehicle only moves in 1 st gear. The 2nd,
3rd and 4th gears are not engaged. Maxi-
m u m possible engine braking effect is now
The cruise control * cannot be used in posi-
tion "1".
W h e n changing d o w n manually the selector
lever can be moved into the lower gear posi-
tion, but the gearbox will not change down
until it is no longer possible to over-rev the
K i c k - d o w n d e v i c e
The kick-down device gives maximum ac-
celeration. W h e n the accelerator pedal is
pressed right down past the full throttle
position, depending on road speed and en-
gine speed, the box changes down into a
lower gear. The shift into the next higher
gear then takes place as soon as the maxi-
mum specified engine speed is reached.
wheels c o u l d go into a spin if the
k i c k - d o w n device is applied on
roads with black ice.
Risk of s k i d d i n g !
N o t e s o n d r i v i n g
S t a r t i n g
The engine can only be started w h e n selec-
torleverisat " N " or " P " . S e e a l s o "Starting
engine" on page 123.
Selecting a driving range
When the vehicle is stationary and
engine is running a l w a y s de-
press the foot brake w h e n selecting
a gear.
When the vehicle is stationary do
not depress the
accelerator w h e n
selecting a gear.
If the
lever is m o v e d accidentally
into " N " w h e n driving, release ac-
celerator and let the engine speed
drop to idling before selecting a for-
ward gear again.
Please take notice of the w a r n i n g
notes on the next pages.
1 1
If the button in the selector lever is pressed
and held before the ignition is switched on,
the ignition key will not be able to be turned.
When the engine is running the
foot brake must be applied for all
mission will not be completely in-
terrupted at idling speed - the ve-
hicle " c r e e p s " .
W h e n the
vehicle is stationary
e n g a g e d ,
throttle must not be opened inad-
vertently on any a c c o u n t (for in-
stance by h a n d f r o m the engine
compartment). Otherwise the ve-
hicle will m o v e immediately
even if the handbrake has been
fully applied.
Before w o r k i n g on the
with the engine running, apply
the handbrake and put the selec-
tor lever in
M o v i n g off
Select driving range (R, D, 3, 2, 1). Wait
until the gearbox has shifted a n d the
power f l o w is made to the driving
wheels (light selection jerk perceptible).
Then one c a n accelerate.
S t o p p i n g
W h e n the vehicle is stopped for a short
period, at traffic lights for example, it is not
necessary to move the selector lever to
position " N " . It is only necessary to apply
the foot brakes. The engine should however
only be running at idling speed.
On some engine models, the gearbox will
shift automatically to idling (N) if the position
R, D, 3 or 2 has been selected and the ve-
hicle is on a level surface.
Noise levels and fuel consumption are re-
duced in this way. the vehicle may move off
more slowly than normal as the power line
to the drive wheels is then slightly delayed. - a useful website for owners and enthusiasts of VW T4 Transporter Campervans


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