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Volkswagen Multivan Controls And Features Page 36

Multivan; caravelle; transporter.
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1 B70-489C1
Rear interior light
(only Transporters)
Switch positions:
1: Light on continuously
0: Off
2: Door contact switch
Entry area light*
The entry area light of the sliding door is
turned on and off by the door contact
switch, as long as you do not switch off the
To turn off the light press the upper part of
the glass.
Transistor light* {rear)
The transistor light is switched on and off
with the switch (arrow).
The transistor light has a very low current
consumption. Despite this, always ensure
that the light is switched off w h e n leaving
the vehicle or when changing light tubes.
This will prevent the additional battery from
being drained unnecessarily if the vehicle is
not used for some time.
Glove box light*
The light in the glove box on the passenger
side only comes on when the ignition is on
and the lid is open.
Windscreen wiper and washer system
The w i n d s c r e e n wipers must be
in very g o o d condition in order to
ensure clear vision - see p a g e 6 9 .
Wipers and washers only work w h e n igni-
tion is switched on.
When it is f r e e z i n g , c h e c k that the
wiper blades are not frozen to
glass b e f o r e s w i t c h i n g the
w i p e r s
on for the first time.
The heated w i n d s c r e e n washer jets*
are switched on when the ignition
switched on and the amount of heat is regu-
lated automatically according to the ambi-
ent temperature
Topping up washer fluid
!••'-<•>• •
"Windscreen washer
- s e e Booklet 3.2
s y s t e m "
Changing windscreen wiper blades
- see page 69.
Wipers off
Lever at position 0.
Flick w i p e
Lift lever out of position 0 to pressure point
before position 1.
Wiper slow
Lever at position 1.
Wiper fast
Lever at position 2.
Intermittent wipe
Lever at position 3.
The wipers work about every 6 seconds.
With an infinitely variable intermit-
tent w i p e * the wipe delay can be pro-
grammed between about 1.5 and 22 sec-
Switch on intermittent wipe and wipe
Switch off intermittent wipe and then
switch on again after the desired delay.
The selected delay can be changed as often
as required. After switching off the ignition
the selected pause reverts back to a six sec-
ond interval.
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