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Volkswagen Multivan Controls And Features Page 35

Multivan; caravelle; transporter.
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Turn signal and main beam lever
H e a d l i g h t f l a s h e r
Pull the lever towards the steering wheel to
the pressure p o i n t - t h e main beam warning
lamp will light up.
P a r k i n g l i g h t s
The parking lights only work when ignition
is switched off.
lever up (1)
lever down (2)
The turn signals only work when the ignition
is switched on.
Right turn signals -
lever up (1)
Left turn signals
lever d o w n (2)
When turn signals are working, the ap-
propriate warning lamp flashes as well - see
page 2 1 .
The turn signals cancel automatically after
completing a turn.
T o s i g n a l a l a n e c h a n g e
Move the lever up (1) or clown (2) to the
pressure point and hold in this position - the
warning lamp should flash.
Right parking lights -
Left parking lights
If the ignition key has been removed, a b u z - |
zer* will sound when the driver's door is *
M o t e s
The use of the signals and lighting de-
scribed here is subject to local regulations.
If lights or turn signals are not switched
off, and the ignition key has been with-
drawn, a buzzer* will sound when the
driver's door is opened.
S w i t c h i n g m a i n b e a m
o n / o f f
Pull the lever past the pressure point to-
wards the steering wheel (3)with dipped or
main beam on. When main beam is on, the
main beam warning lamp will light up.
interior lights
F r o n t i n t e r i o r S i g h t ( A )
Switch pressed on left - light perma-
nently on
Switch in centre position - light off
R e a r i n t e r i o r
l i g h t s
Multivan, Caravelle and K o m b i
Switch positions:
. ,
Interior light
Switch pressed on right - controlled by
permanently on
door contacts
interior lights with delayed switch off* re-
contact position
main on for about 6 seconds after doors are
f )
F r o n t r e a d i n g l i g h t * (B)
Switch pressed on left - Light off
Switch pressed on right - light perma-
nently on
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