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Volkswagen Multivan Controls And Features Page 38

Multivan; caravelle; transporter.
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Sun visors
® J , I
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
B 1 H - 0 5 2 C |
® J , I
The sun visors can be pulled out of the side
mountings and swung towards the doors.
The make-up mirror can also have a sliding
cover or cover flap.
On the mirror with light* the light can, de-
pending on the vehicle model, be turned on:
Either by
Moving the sliding cover, or
By raising or lowering the sun visor, or
Lifting the cover flap.
Changing wiper blades
Taking the w i p e r blade off
Fold the wiper arm away from the screen
and position the blade perpendicular to the
wiper arm.
Press the retaining spring in the direction
of arrow A .
Detach the wiper blade in the direction of
arrow B and then remove from the arm in
the opposite direction.
Securing the wiper blade
The retaining spring must engage audibly in
the wiper arm.
When fitting wiper blades with moulded
wind deflectors one should ensure that the
deflector is pointing downwards.
The mirrors should always be adjusted
properly before moving off so that good vi-
sion to the rear is guaranteed at all times.
Adjusting exterior mirrors
Normal outside mirrors are adjusted by
pressing the edge of the mirror surface.
Outside mirrors with extended mir-
ror arms are adjusted by tilting the mirror
adjustable m i r r o r s * arc
set by pressing the edge of the knob A in
the driver's door trim.
By pressing the two upper buttons L or R
switches to the left or right-hand mirror.
If the electrical control of the mirror fails at
any time the mirrors can be adjusted man-
ually by pressing on the edge of the mirror
Note for vehicles with convex or
aspherical outside mirrors *
Convex (curved outwards) mirrors enlarge
the field of view but they make objects look
smaller. T h e s e mirrors are only of li-
mited use
in estimating how
away a f o l l o w i n g vehicle is.
A s p h e r i c a l exterior mirrors have a mirror
surface with different curvature. This wide-
angle mirror increases the area of vision
even more so than conventional convex
mirrors. T h e i r usefulness
is also li-
mited w h e n judging the distance to
vehicles approaching f r o m b e h i n d .
Adjusting interior mirrors
The lever on the lower edge of the mirror
should be pointing forwards w h e n the basic
setting is made.
To set the anti-dazzle position, pull lever to
the rear.
notes on next page.
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